2018 Girls 18 Junior National Qualifiers

2018 18s Championship Manual

    Event: Girls Winter Volleyball Championship Qualifier
Date: January 13-15
City: Chicago, Ill.
Contact: Niels Pedersen
    Event: KC MLK 18s National Qualifier
Date: January 13-15
City: Kansas City, Mo.
Contact: Heart of America Staff
    Event: Northern Lights Qualifier
Date: January 26-28
City: Omaha, Neb.
Contact: Northern Lights Staff
    Event: AVC - Dallas 18's Qualifier
Date: January 26-28
City: Dallas, Texas
Contact: Andy Reitinger 
    Event: Music City Volleyball Championships Qualifier
Date: February 2-4
City: Nashville, Tenn.
Contact: Lauri Dagostino
    Event: Ohio Valley Qualifier
Date: February 2-4
City: Columbus, Ohio
Contact: Al Herbert
    Event: Florida National 18 Qualifier
Date: February 17-19
City: Jacksonville, Fla.
Contact: Heather Belden, Steve Bishop
    Event: Beast of the Southeast Qualifier
Date: February 23-25
City: Atlanta, Ga.
Contact: Michael Fletcher, Kurt Matthews
    Event: Boston VB Festival Qualifier
Date: March 2-4
City: Boston, Mass.
Contact: AJ Joseph
    Event: Golden State Qualifier
Date: March 2-4
City: Reno, Nevada
Contact: Donna Donaghy
 Southern California Qualifier Logo    Event: Southern California Qualifier 
Date: March 2-4
City: Anaheim, Calif.
Contact: Ann Davenport
    Event: Colorado Crossroads Qualifier 
Date: March 16-18
City: Denver, Colo.
Contact: Kathleen Rogness
    Event: Pacific Northwest Qualifier
Date: March 23-25
City: Spokane, Wash.
Contact: April Stark
    Event: Mideast Qualifier 
Date: March 23-25
City: Indianapolis, Ind.
Contact: Scott McQueen
    Event: Northeast Qualifier
Date: March 24-26
City: Philadelphia, Pa.
Contact: Julie Rife
    Event: Lone Star Classic Qualifier
Date: March 23-25
City: Houston, Texas
Contact: Joe Durdin