BJNC Seeding Events

The events listed below are classified as seeding events for the 2019 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC).  As such, the results from the below events will be used to assist in seeding teams.

Please note that Frozen Player rules apply to these tournaments meaning that players which are frozen to the roster of a team who earned and accepted a bid to the Open and USA divisions of the BJNC should not be placed on different rosters for the purposes of these events. All regional and national rules apply for player transfers.

Event Name  Date
 Bid Tournaments Various Dates and Locations

Want to become a seeding event? Here's how:

Instructions for Submitting an Event for Seeding Tournament Classification

NOTE: Being listed as a seeding event for the BJNC does not classify or license an event as a bid tournament and therefore does not allow any listed event to award bids to the BJNC Open and USA divisions or hold USAV responsible for any interpreted obligations as the approving body.

  1. The event must be a multiple-day competition for each division/s being offered (not one age division on Saturday and a different division on Sunday).

  2. The event begins no earlier than Jan. 1.

  3. The event concludes no later than two weeks prior to the start of the current year’s BJNC.

  4. The available age groups may be 12s through 18s. An event may offer one or all of these age groups, but only single age groups will be allowed. Divisions that involve multiple age groups (example: 18s/17s division) will not be accepted.

  5. If offering different playing divisions, at least eight teams are needed for an Open or USA division and at least five teams are needed for a Club division.

  6. The field includes teams from at least three different USAV regions participating in a particular event the previous year. A first-year event could be included if they can prove that they have the minimum required three regions represented by at least one month prior to the posted start date of the tournament.

  7. Proof of regional sanction. (Sanction # or email from region office.)

  8. Results must be electronically reported to USAV no later than two days after the last day of the event in the specified format (see below). For events concluding the weekend of June 15, 2019, results must be received no later than June 18, 10 a.m. MT.

Please email your requests with the following information to the events department at 


a.      Name of Event

b.      Dates

c.      Gender

d.      Division(s) offered

e.      Location - City, State and Region

f.       Contact Person or program

g.      Phone/Fax/Cell (all if being used

h.      Email address

i.        Website link

Once the above information has been provided and all criteria, with the exception of No. 8, have been met, USAV will contact the tournament director with notification of approved or declined classification.  After the conclusion of the event, if any of the above criteria, including No. 8, is not met for a division, the results from that division will not be used for seeding purposes.

Results should be reported in the following formats:

  1. If using AES Scheduler, pull the following reports:
    1. Tournament Results Report (please move all  divisions into one workbook)

  2. If not using AES Scheduler, you must provide the final tournament results and head to head results in excel format to include the following headers:

Tournament Results


Team Name

Team Code


Team Name

Team Code

Match Date

Result (W/L/Tie)

Opponent Name

Opponent Team Code