2018 Boys' Bid Tournaments


Event: SCVA Junior Boys' Invitational
Date: January 5-7
Site: San Diego, Calif.
Contact: Ann Davenport
Email: ann@scvavolleyball.org
Phone: 714-917-3595
Fax: 714-917-3596

Max Number of Bids: 10-Open (16s-18s); 9-Open (14s-15s); 3-USA



Event: No Dinx Boys' Far Westerns
Date: January 6-7
Site: San Mateo, Calif.
Contact: Donna Donaghy
Email: donna@ncva.com
Phone: 415-550-7582

Max Number of Bids: 3-Open & 3-USA


Event: Molten CAN-AM
Date: January 13-14
Site: Rochester, N.Y.
Contact: Cal Wickens
Email: pacebootcw@yahoo.com
Phone: 585-329-6866

Max Number of Bids: 3-Open


Event: Boys Winter Volleyball Championships
Date: January 13-15
Site: Chicago, Ill.
Contact: Niels Pedersen/Terry Paulson
Email: infoil@n3tvolleyball.com

Max Number of Bids: 9-Open & 3-USA              


Event: Southwest Boys Classic
Date: January 27-28
Site:  Houston, Tx.
Contact: Joe Durdin
Email: jdurdin@austinsportscenter.com
Phone: 512-433-5114

Max Number of Bids: 1-Open & 2-USA (guaranteed 1 bid with 5 team min)



Event: Florida Fest
Date: February 3-4
Site:  Jacksonville, Fla.
Contact: Florida Region orBarbara Eisenbeis
Email: events@floridavolleyball.org or bbid@usav.org
Phone: 352-742-0080 or719-228-6800
Fax: 352-414-5304 or 719-228-6899

Max Number of Bids: 3-Open (16s-18s); 1-Open (14s-15s) 


Event: Dennis Lafata Gateway Boys Festival
Date: February 23-25
Site: St. Louis, Mo.
Contact: Linus Shyu
Email: shyu@gatewayvb.org
Phone: 314-849-1221

Max Number of Bids: 4-Open (16s-18s); 3-Open (14s-15s); 3-USA

Boys' Atlantic Northeastern Tournament 

Event: Boys Atlantic Northeastern Tournament
Date: February 23-25
Site: Harrisburg, Pa.
Contact: KRVA or Barbara Eisenbeis
Email: events@krva.org or bbid@usav.org
Phone: KRVA - 610-223-2288; USAV - 719-228-6800

Max Number of Bids: 3-Open & 3-USA


Event: Boys East Coast Championship
Date: May 26-28
Site:  Richmond, Va.
Contact: Skip Weston
Email: juniors@rvc.net
Phone: 804-358-3000
Fax: 804-358-1018

Max Number of Bids: 3-Open (16s-18s); 2-Open (14s-15s); 2-USA