Name: Sydney Satchell
Position: Libero
Sport: Sitting Volleyball
Height: 5-2
Hometown: Windsor, Connecticut
High School: Ethel Walker School
College: Howard University

Most Notable

  • Started playing sitting volleyball in February 2016, 11 months after her leg amputation

Major Competitions

  • 2019: Exhibitions vs Canada at Colorado Crossroads; Exhibitions vs Russia at USAV Open Nationals; Parapan American Games (Gold)

Physical Disability: Left leg amputation below the knee in March 2015

  • "I was in a car accident on Thursday, January 15, 2015. On the road was snow and ice from a few days prior and it got into my tires. I could not control the car enough and I hit a tree. My left leg was pinned between the driver side door and my left side tire which was now between my legs. It took about 20 minutes to shut of the engine and another 20 minutes to get me out of the car and finally another 40 minutes to the nearest hospital. My injuries included a concussion, partially fractured nose, two dead arteries that went down to my left foot, nerve damage to the lower part of my left leg and finally a broken leg. From that point on I was in the hospital for about seven weeks and in total had eight surgeries. I left the hospital as an amputee and everything was different."

Path to the Sitting Volleyball National Team: "I have always been an athlete and when I met one of the vice presidents of Hanger Clinic in Connecticut, he asked me if I had ever thought to get involved with Paralympic Sports. I nicely looked at him and asked if I would ever run again because, if so, I did not want to participate. In my mind I saw other people with disabilities and did not yet feel a part of that community and wanted to return to my life just as an athlete not a disabled athlete. I had so much to learn about the skill, passion and athleticism it took to play any of the sports. He, later in the conversation, encouraged me to try it out before I made any final decisions. A few weeks went by and I was behind on my physical therapy because of some stump swelling. At this point I was getting that competitive itch and emailed Bill Hamiter because I couldn’t wait another month to be active. My first time playing organized volleyball and my first sitting volleyball camp was February 4, 2016, with the A2 program. I loved it and moved to Oklahoma June 2017 to train full-time in the resident program and in April 2019 I earned a spot on the Women Sitting Volleyball National Team! A dream come true and I am not done yet!"

Did You Know

  • Quit her job in Massachusetts and moved her whole life to Oklahoma at the chance to be on the National Sitting Volleyball Team and potentially make a Paralympic roster. "When I arrived, I did not have a job but was full of excitement and determination."
  • Member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. since Spring 2013
  • Played varsity lacrosse at NCAA Division I Howard University for three years
  • Graduated from Howard University in 2014, majoring in sports management and minoring in psychology
  • Played varsity soccer, basketball and lacrosse at Ethel Walker School (Simsburgy, Connecticut)

Happiest Moment in Life: "I have several happiest moments in my life which makes this question extremely difficult. But the one that has etched a place in my heart forever is the award that is in my name at Howard University’s Athletic Department. The Sydney Satchell Award for Perseverance! Wow. This award is given to one student-athlete at the end of the year sports banquet because of the spirit they carried while in a tragic and or hard life circumstance. I was chosen to have this award in my name because of my support and love for Bison Athletics and the attitude, grace and determination I carried before, during and after my car accident. Why is this one of my greatest moments in life? It is because I have an avenue and opportunity to inspire and encourage. Encouraging my communities that no matter what life brings to your front door it is okay to greet it with joy."


  • Food: Seafood and ice cream
  • Book: Bible
  • Music: All types of Christian/gospel music
  • Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
  • Favorite Athlete: Serena Williams
  • Game: Bingo

Hobbies: Likes Elephants, loves sunrises and sunsets, and loves sneakers

Personal: Father is Larnel Satchell and mother is Candace Chester ... Step mother is Lorretta Satchell ... Brother Larnel Satchell II and sisters Larnise Satchell-Johnson and Larnee Satchell.