Regional Volleyball Associations

Your Local Connection to USA Volleyball

Regional Volleyball Associations (RVAs) of USA Volleyball are incorporated as legal entities and are each a Member Organization of USA Volleyball. The RVAs serve the grassroots function for USA Volleyball and collectively serve as a catalyst for USA Volleyball functions. To contact your region, click on where you live.

Region Map

The primary representative of the RVA is the regional commissioner, who is elected by the region for a term of office determined by the region, or executive director, who is appointed by the regional board. The body of commissioners comprises the RVA assembly (RA), which is chaired by the RA chair. The chair is elected by the RA.

An Administrative Council shall consist of the RA chair, the RA associate chair and assistant chairs (if appointed), and the zonal commissioners, who shall be elected by the RVAs of each zone. USA Volleyball RVA BOD reps shall be nonvoting members of the Admin Council.


2019 RVA CommissionersWithin the regional structure, the commissioner is ultimately responsible for the total function of the RVA, with the assistance of the local organization leadership. This structure is usually comprised of volunteers, each assigned to a specific task or project. Volunteers from throughout the region are essential for the conduct of regional programs. Generally, these consist of the development of camps, players coaches and officials. It is accomplished through sanctioned competition, fellowship play, clinics, exhibitions and demonstrations.

Communication vehicles such as newsletters, handbooks, websites and technical literature serve to keep regional members informed. An active cadre of volunteers is paramount if the RVA is to achieve total programming

It is also important that each of the regions seeks to assist both the national and local levels of other member organizations of USA Volleyball in an effort to develop the sport of volleyball to its full potential. The regional leadership team should take the initiative to seek out this representation and include them within the RVA structure of governance. Each RVA is guaranteed national representation.

Collectively, the RVAs are entitled to three representatives on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors, each director being elected for a four-year term. The regions continue to provide a comprehensive volleyball program on a year-round basis to all persons, regardless of age, gender or organization affiliation. Persons or organizations wishing to become involved with volleyball locally, or who are otherwise interested in seeking assistance in some aspect of volleyball in their local organization, should contact their local RVA.

Zonal Structure of the Regions

      CENTRAL ZONE: Central East Section: BG, GL, GW, HO, LK, NO, PR
        Central West Section: GP, HA, IA 
       -----  --------------------------
      PACIFIC ZONE: Pacific North Section: AK, CE, EV, PS
        Pacific South Section: AH, IM, MK, NC, RM
       -----  --------------------------
      ATLANTIC ZONE: North Atlantic Section: CH, GE, IE, KE, NE, OV, WE
        South Atlantic Section: CR, FL, OD, PM, SO
       -----  --------------------------
      BORDER ZONE: Border East Section: BY, DE, GC, LS, NT, OK
        Border West Section: AZ, SC, SU