Documents for Paratriathletes and Elite Athletes

In this section, you’ll find information on hosting Paratriathletes at your event.


Paratriathlon Course Design Considerations

The Paratriathlon Course Design Considerations page is a compilation of interviews with paratriathletes, giving you some great ideas on what to do and what to avoid at your para-friendly event. Certified Race Director Penni Bengtson also writes about her experience with paratriathlon. 

Click here for the Paratriathlon Event FAQ's.

Click here for the Paratriathlon Friendly Designation Application

Offering Paratriathlon and/or Physically Challenged Open Divisions

The national office staff is seeing tremendous growth, opportunity and support for the inclusion of disabled participants in sanctioned events.  Please review carefully and note the differences between Paratriathlon and PC Open divisions and the corresponding rules. 

PC Open athletes are not required to follow the classifications and rules that govern Paratriathlon.  PC Open participants follow the guidance provided with respect to legal equipment such as hand cycles and wheelchairs but the classification rules are not in effect.  This example illustrates the matter:

  • Athlete X is a classified Paratriathlete, Sight Impaired.  Athlete Y is not classified but wishes to participate in the sight impaired category.  The ABC Triathlon wishes to include all disabled athletes even though Athlete X is classified.  In this case, the Paratriathlon rule requiring the use of blackout shades is not in effect and both athletes would race each other in a PC Open division.

If you have any questions about PC Open and Paratriathlon, please contact the Event Services team.


Elite Athletes

Here you’ll find information on the proper way to verify Elite athletes’ membership status.

Please remember that you MUST request an Official(s) at your event if you have Elite Athletes participating.

Please note that we are experiencing problems of athletes WITHOUT current USAT Elite Memberships racing at $5K+ prize purse events. This is against USA Triathlon rules and will lead to suspension of these athletes. The athletes know this is not allowed, but unfortunately, it is still happening. You can help them to not put their careers at risk by checking the elite athlete’s status with the Membership Department.

If the athlete is a foreign elite athlete, he/she must do one of the following:

  1. Present a current elite membership from their National Federation in addition to paying the $15 USAT one-day membership fee and sign the USAT waiver.
  2. OR present a current USAT foreign elite membership.

Please contact the Membership Department with any questions.