Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Policy

Level I Certified Coaches must earn 15 CEUs for recertification during their two year certification period. Level II and Level III Certified Coaches must earn 20 CEUs during their two year certification period for recertification. Five of these CEUs must come from a USAT course (USAT CEUs) as found on the CEU Schedule below. Below are additional opportunities for USAT CEUs. 

If you are a course director and would like your course to be approved for USAT CEUs, please complete the online application and view the approval benefitsIf you have any questions, please email the Coaching Education Assistant Manager

All USAT Approved CEU courses will be evaluated using standards that take the following into consideration:

  • Length of the course
  • Format of the course (lecture, practical, online, etc.)
  • USAT Certified Coach presenters
  • Topics being covered

Because of the change in evaluation, some courses may receive a different number of CEUs than in years past. We believe enforcing this new evaluation standard will create a more consistent approval process that can applied impartially to every application. 

CEUs will not be awarded to courses that are deemed to be in direct competition with existing USAT programs. Examples include webinars, symposiums, mentorship programs, and triathlon coaching certification programs among others.

USAT In-Person CEU Opportunities 

2019 USAT CEU Opportunities

All USAT CEU exams are completed through the new USAT University (CEU exams are nonrefundable).

Activity  CEUs Documentation Required
2020 Endurance Exchange 15.0 Certificate of Completion
2019 Endurance Coaching Summit (In-Person or Online) 12.0 or 6.0 Certificate of Completion 
USA Cycling Coaching Summit 10.0  Certificate of Completion
Slowtwitch Coaching Clinics 9.0 Certificate of Completion
The Run Transformation Course by Bobby McGee
8.0 Certificate of Completion
UESCA Running Coach Certification
8.0 Certificate of Completion
Strength Training for Triathlon
7.0 Certificate of Completion
TrainingPeaks University In-Person or Online 6.0 Certificate of Completion
Strength Training for Cycling Success 6.0 Certificate of Completion
2019 USAT Race Director Symposium 5.0 Certificate of Completion
USAT Race Director Certification 5.0 Race Director Certificate
USAT Officials Certification 5.0 Letter of Completion
4.0 Certificate of Completion
USAT Race Director or Officials Recertification 2.5 Race Director Certificate or Certificate of Completion
SPINPower Threshold, Strength, Peak Power, Speed or Stamina Workshops
3.0 Certificate of Completion
USAT Elite Officials Certification 2.0  Letter of Completion
SafeSport Program (Sexual Conduct Awareness Education, Mandatory Reporting, Emotional & Physical Misconduct) 3.0 "SafeSport Trained" Certificate of Completion
Today's Plan Coaches Webinar
2.0 Certificate of Completion
Heart Zones Indoor Cycling Certification 2.0  Certificate of Completion
Splash, Spin, Sprint Camp Manual 2.0 CEU Exam
USAT Race Director Youth Certification 2.0 Certificate of Completion
Power Meter Handbook 2.0 CEU Exam
Complete Triathlon Guide   2.0 CEU Exam
Train to Tri 2.0 CEU Exam
Triathlon Leader Manual 2.0 CEU Exam
The Women's Guide to Triathlon 2.0 CEU Exam
The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook: The How, When, and What for Fueling Runners and Triathletes to Improve Performance
2.0 CEU Exam
Magical Running by Bobby McGee 2.0 CEU Exam
Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina 2.0 CEU Exam
Iron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead 2.0 Confirmation of purchase and a write up that explains how you can use the points in the book to further your coaching. The write-up must be a minimum of a full page, 12 point font, single spaced, and Times New Roman font.
Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes/Triathletes by Monique Ryan 2.0 CEU Exam
USAT In-Person CEU Course Varies Certificate of Completion
TTS Triathlon Training Series DVD 1.0 per presentation  CEU Exam
USAT Triathlon Training Series DVD 
1.0 per presentation CEU Exam 
Performance Coaching Newsletter 1.0 CEU Exam
USAT Coaching Education Webinar  1.0 CEU Exam
USAT Race Director Webinar (archived or live) 1.0 Email Confirmation
USAT Club Webinar (archived or live) 1.0 CEU Exam
USAT Triathlon Training Series - Strength Training DVD *All exams MUST be purchased here.
1.0 CEU Exam
USAT Triathlon Training Series - The Run DVD *All exams MUST be purchased here.
1.0 CEU Exam
STRYD Run With Power - Level I 1.0 Certificate of Completion
STRYD Run with Power - Level II Advance Coaching Concepts 1.0 Certificate of Completion
Muscle Oxygen Physiology 1.0 Certificate of Completion
Muscle Oxygen Physiology
Slowtwitch Triathlon Run, Swim, Cycling, and Cycling Power Coaching Certifications
SPINPower® Certification Training – Power Based Training for Indoor Cycling
Certificate of Completion