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Why Hire a USA Triathlon Certified Coach?

As a triathlete, you like to do your own thing. But going at it alone is not always the best idea. There comes a time when you need an expert opinion to help you reach your full athletic potential. That is when hiring a triathlon coach becomes a smart move. There are many triathlon coaches in the business today — some are certified and some are not. How do you know which coaches are the best? It’s important to look for certification from USA Triathlon, the National Governing Body for the sport, when hiring a triathlon coach. A coach who obtains a USA Triathlon certification demonstrates that he or she is dedicated to becoming a master in the trade.

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Triathlon Learning 

Triathlon Learning powered by USA Triathlon provides valuable education and resource opportunities for athletes, coaches, parents, and officials to take your skills to the next level!

Engage with USA Triathlon 

Certified Coaches receive an invitation to engage with USA Triathlon at a higher level to help grow the sport. The USA Triathlon Coaching Education Department is always looking for qualified coaches interested in writing and presenting opportunities. If you have a particular skill set that you feel would be valuable to Coaching Education, please email our Coaching Department at

Coach Compliance Requirements

USA Triathlon requires coaches to be in compliance at all times to be considered in good standing as a USAT Certified Coach. These coach compliance requirements ensure all USA Triathlon activities are as safe as possible for all participants.

Coaches are required to have the following items current at all times: 

  • SafeSport Training (annual renewal) 
  • Green Light (Clear) Background Check via the NCSI
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications 
  • USAT Annual Membership 

Allowing any of the above requirements to lapse within your certification period will result in immediate revocation of your coaching certification and loss of all benefits, such as insurance coverage, until the above requirements are met.

Coach Insurance

To obtain a copy of your certificate of insurance, please contact

Coach Merchandise

Go to the official USAT Store to purchase merchandise for certified coaches. .

SafeSport Education and Misconduct Reporting Procedures

USA Triathlon has implemented an Education and Training Policy to strengthen its athlete safety program and to ensure the environments in its athletic programs are as safe as possible at every level. The education component required by USA Triathlon provides participants with information necessary to more effectively monitor their organization/team, minimize the opportunities for physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, and respond to concerns. It is also a strong public statement that the organization places a priority on athlete safety. While USA Triathlon does not have control over every member and does not control their activities, we provide information about various safety-related actions that may be available to our members, and encourage our members to use these resources.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding required training. 

SafeSport for Parents of Youth Athletes

Your child's safety while participating in triathlon is a priority for USA Triathlon.  Our SafeSport team is available to answer questions and provide support to ensure the best sport experience. Please contact for assistance. 

Report a SafeSport Concern

The Center accepts all reports of sexual abuse and child abuse within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. Report here if you have reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct or harassment, child abuse (including child sexual abuse), or intimate relationships involving an imbalance of power.

The Center also accepts reports of emotional and physical misconduct (including but not limited to bullying, hazing, stalking, and harassment) within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. Reports of emotional and physical misconduct can also be reported directly to your sport’s national governing body (NGB).

To report a concern by phone, please call 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233), the Center's toll-free Report a Concern phone number.

USA Triathlon requires reporting of sexual, emotional, or physical misconduct by any member and strongly encourages reporting of any concerns relating to SafeSport. Sexual misconduct and child abuse must be reported to the U.S. Center for SafeSport. All other misconduct must be reported to USA Triathlon.