The USA Triathlon Collegiate Committee is the working group of USA Triathlon Collegiate Triathlon, tasked by the Board of Directors to develop, administer and promote collegiate triathlon throughout the United States.
The Collegiate Committee directs and administers the policies to be implemented at the Conference-level and at the Collegiate National Championship.   The Committee also works to increase the awareness, development and growth of triathlon at the collegiate level in each of the 10 USA Triathlon regions.

Committee Members

Liz Hinley

Erin Storie
Board Liaison

Jessica Welk
Staff Liaison

Dylan Beitel
Florida Collegiate Conference

Tyler Rodgers
Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Conference

Nicolas White
Mideast Collegiate Conference

Anne Schwarzwalder
Midwest Collegiate Conference

Brandon Wallace
Mountain Collegiate Conference

Karim Mabrouk
Northeast Collegiate Conference

Blair Bronson
Northwest Collegiate Conference

Thomas Easley
Southeast Collegiate Conference

Tim McCurry
South Midwest Collegiate Conference

Dean Harper
West Coast Collegiate Conference

Regional Representatives

The USA Triathlon Collegiate Committee is composed of eleven members. Of these, 10 are conference representatives. Conference representatives serve a two-year term on the Committee and are responsible for representing all teams within the states of their conference. Term limits will run approximately from May to the end of Collegiate Nationals two years later, and each collegiate club in the conference will have one vote towards the election of their representative.

To qualify to be a conference nominee, one must:

  • Currently be an athlete or coach on a collegiate triathlon team in the conference they wish to represent; and
  • Be able to fulfill a two-year term limit as a member of a collegiate triathlon team in that conference