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What is SafeSport?

We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe ― for everyone.

USA Triathlon has implemented an Education and Training Policy to strengthen its athlete safety program and to ensure the environments in its athletic programs are as safe as possible at every level. The education component required by USA Triathlon provides participants with information necessary to more effectively monitor their organization/team, minimize the opportunities for physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, and respond to concerns. It is also a strong public statement that the organization places a priority on athlete safety. While USA Triathlon does not have control over every member and does not control their activities, we provide information about various safety-related actions that may be available to our members, and encourage our members to use these resources.



USA Triathlon SafeSport Policies and References

In conjunction with the US Center for SafeSport and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, USA Triathlon has developed SafeSport policies, procedures and references to protect our athletes. Click here to view USA Triathlon's SafeSport Policies and References.  

USA Triathlon SafeSport Abuse Reporting Form

Report a SafeSport Concern

USA Triathlon requires reporting of sexual misconduct by any member and strongly encourages reporting of any concerns relating to SafeSport. Click here to complete the USA Triathlon SafeSport Reporting form

SafeSport for Athletes


As an athlete, how are you affected by SafeSport? Are you required to completed the SafeSport Training? How do you access the SafeSport Training? Click here to learn more

SafeSport for Parents of Youth Athletes

As parents of youth athletes, USA Triathlon wants you to have the most up-to-date information and training available for SafeSport. Click here for more information.

Education and Training

USA Triathlon requires SafeSport Training for all Certified Coaches, Race Directors, and Officials, as well as USA Triathlon recognized clubs or teams. Click here to learn more about the educational requirements for each constituent group and to find additional resources. 


Online Resources/Find Help

In addition to the U.S. Center for SafeSport, there are many national level organizations that provide resources and support to survivors of abuse. Click here to learn more.