USA Triathlon Regions Map

Regional Councils

Our country is divided into 10 regional councils. Regional councils are very important to the world of multisport because they can provide many benefits to the athletes. The primary objective of a regional council is to assist in the development and growth of multisport within the designated states of the region and act as a liaison between USAT members and USA Triathlon. Regional councils shall serve under the guidance and authority of the USAT Board of Directors.

Councils Members

Regional councils are run and organized by members in that region and are funded by USA Triathlon. The council is made up of approximately five to twelve people and is required to meet twice a year. This council directs and administers policies and procedures of USA Triathlon, and administers and legislates procedures at the regional level. Volunteered time commitments for council members are generally not more than 10 hours per week. USA Triathlon funds money to the regions based on a budget approved by USAT's Board of Directors.

Additional Information

Strong and organized regional councils maintain an active and visible presence in several ways. Communication tools such as newsletters or magazines and web sites disseminate pertinent information to keep athletes fully informed and to minimize conflicts in the scheduling of regional events. Regional councils assist clubs and individuals to develop and conduct sanctioned multi-sport events. Sanctioned races are safer due to strict rules and regulations that must be followed to be eligible for the insurance policy. Recruiting and educating race directors, officials and marshals is another important responsibility that is fulfilled at the regional level. An annual meeting and race directors conference presents a forum that allows for active calendar clearing, input from the race directors and the opportunity for race directors to meet with a representative of the national office. Officials workshops also provide the opportunity to obtain re-certification, discuss rule changes and begin planning for the new season. Coaching certification clinics are also organized within different regions. Regional and state championships promote a competitive atmosphere within the region, provide recognition and offer a championship venue close to home. A regional ranking system encourages participation and competition and creates an opportunity to measure performance on a regional level.

How You Can Help

Get involved with your regional council! It's time to give back to a sport that's given you so much and it's a great chance to help increase opportunities for triathletes in your area. The time commitment is minimal and the benefits produced far outweigh the work. Responsibilities are divided, so this is a great way to get to know other triathletes in your region. Speak your mind and earn a voice in what happens in this multisport event!