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Best of 2020: The Stories of the Year From USA Triathlon Magazine

By Stephen Meyers, USA Triathlon | Dec. 23, 2020, 12:42 p.m. (ET)

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Triathlon stories looked different this year. 

We wrote about racial inequality. 

We wrote about front line workers. 

We wrote about the impacts of the pandemic on the multisport community. 

We wrote about our community's Power Within. 

We wrote about gardening, a new quarantine hobby. 

USA Triathlon Magazine may have looked different in 2020, with two issues published only in a digital format. But the storytelling was just as impactful. 

For the Best of 2020, here are the top USA Triathlon Magazine articles. 

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Password: usatmag

The Triathletes on the Front Lines of COVID-19 

The heroes of the pandemic — medical workers — share their stories of fighting COVID-19. Spring, 2020. 

Growing as an Athlete 

In lockdown, these triathletes found a new form of cross-training. Fall, 2020. 

Solo Training, Zoom Calls and Postponed Dreams 

The Toyota U.S. Paratriathlon Resident Team adjusts to a new normal. Summer, 2020. 

COVID-19's Impact on the Triathlon Ecosystem 

Race directors grapple with loss, safety and a new way of putting on events. Summer, 2020. 


COVID-19 had this Minnesota triathlete on the brink of death, but now he's working his way back. Fall, 2020. 

Harnessing Our Power Within

Transformative. Inspirational. Alive. Empowering. Achieving Greatness. Life Imitating Sport. Unifying. Embracing the Journey. Introducing USA Triathlon's campaign to reposition the sport. Summer, 2020.  

The Rise of Women in Triathlon 

From the early days of the sport, to more recent milestones, here's a timeline of some of the major moments in the history of women's triathlon. Winter, 2020. 


A homeless amputee, Roderick Sewell was drawn into multisport by a therapist who wouldn't give up on him. Now an IRONMAN World Championship finisher, he uses his experience to pull for others. Spring, 2020. 

Amplifying the Voices of Black Triathletes 

Six Black triathletes share their experiences of competing in a predominately white sport. Summer, 2020. 

Game on, Triathlon 

Endurance athletes capitalize on a wave of gamification. Winter, 2020

Stephen Meyers, USA Triathlon

Stephen Meyers is Content Manager at USA Triathlon and editor in chief of USA Triathlon Magazine.