Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the cost to participate in a USATri60 event?
A.  Please note that pricing may vary based on location. It is best to check your local USATri60 registration page.  

Q.  How long is the event?
A.  The event in total is one hour and 15 minutes. The name USATri60 was derived from 60 minutes of exercise (10 minute swim, 30 minute bike, 20 minute run). The additional 15 minutes is transition time between swim to bike and bike to run.

Q.  What is the course?
A.  Swim (10 minutes)– will be in a pool with the lanes that serve to separate swimmers from each other. There will be two athletes in each lane to allow each athlete to swim at their own pace.  

Bike (30 minutes) – will be on stationary/spin bikes. All bikes will be calibrated the same to start each wave. Once your wave has started, you can adjust your tension and speed to your ability.  

Run (20 minutes) – will be on treadmills. All treadmills will be set at a 0% incline to start each wave. Once your wave has started, you can adjust your incline and speed to your ability.       

Q.  What is transition and how much time do I have?
A.  Transition is the time between the swim and the bike (T1) and also between the bike and the run (T2). T1, which is 10 minutes, allows participants time to get out of their swim suits and into their cycling gear as well as get set up at the bike. T2, which is 5 minutes, allows those athletes that wear clip shoes, time to change into running shoes and get set up at the treadmill. 

Q.  How do you track laps/distance?
A.  For the swim each lap will be counted by the length of the pool. For example: when you go down and back, that will count as 2 laps. A volunteer will be stationed at each lane to count your laps so you do not need to worry about keeping track. Just keep swimming! Only full laps will be counted.For the bike and the run, volunteers will be available to record your distance based on the computerized console on each unit.     

Q.  Do I have to swim a certain stroke? Can I walk the swim?
A.  No stroke is off limits…walking is also acceptable.  

 Can I use any flotation devices?
A.  No life jackets, wetsuits, floaties, paddleboards, or outside assistance is permitted

Q.  Am I allowed to use headphones?
A.  Yes.  You can certainly use headphones during the bike and run. Heck, if you have the waterproof style you can even use them in the pool. Just remember that you must be able to hear the ‘horn’ at the start and end times for each discipline. 

Q.  How do I know which wave I am in?
A.  All waves and start times will be set prior to event day and will be communicated to you via email.  

Q.  Will I be assigned a race number?
A.  Yes. All participants will be assigned a race number that will be visible on all swim caps as well as marked on the top of each participants hand. Some events may also provide race bibs that can be secured to your shirt with safety pins or worn on a race belt. Check with the organizers of your event to see if race bibs will be provided.  

Q.  Where do I pick up my race information and goodie bag?
A.  Each location will schedule their race packet pickup either the night before or the morning of the event. You will receive an email with the date, time and location.  

Q.  Will registration be allowed on race morning?
A.  Each location is allowed to have morning of registration at their discretion. Please contact the organizers of your event for more details.  

Q.  What is included in the goodie bag?
A.  We have a pretty stellar goodie bag for all of our participants. Each participant will be given a USAT branded drawstring bag, swim cap, t-shirt as well as a finisher medal at a minimum!

Q.  Where can I find my results?
A.  All results will be listed on the USATri60 results webpage.

Q.  If I choose NOT to have my time posted, is that an option for me? 
A.  Consult with your organizer to work through this special request. They may or may not be able to accommodate you.  

Q.  Can my child participate with me?
A.  There are 2 types of events that each location has the option to offer – Adult & Youth. The Adult event is for participants 15 and older. The Youth event is for participants ages 7-14. Age is determined by how old the participant will be on 12/31 of the current year.    

Q.  Is there a training plan available for this event?
A.  Each location has the option of offering either an eight week Self-Led Training Program. Please refer to your locations registration page to see their available options.  

Q.  What if I register and am unable to attend?  Can I get a refund?
A.  There are no refunds for this event.