A one-day license can be purchased while registering for an event.  The cost of a one-day license is $15 for adults (One-Day is not available for youth 17 and under.) USA Triathlon does not sell one-day licenses directly.

One-Day Members:

You're missing out on the benefits of becoming an annual member of USA Triathlon! USA Triathlon offers an annual membership which eliminates the requirement to purchase one-day licenses for any USA Triathlon sanctioned event.  The annual membership comes with exclusive sponsor discounts from USA Triathlon Partners.

Did you know:

You can apply the cost of a one-day license towards the purchase of an Annual Membership.

To receive credit toward an annual membership, please email your proof of one-day license purchase to membership@usatriathlon.org and request the credit.  Our membership staff will send you a link to purchase your membership at the discounted rate. If the event name, where the one-day license was purchased, is not listed on the proof of purchase, please include it in the email.  Note: the credit of a one-day license must be applied at the time of the annual membership purchase. Should you purchase an annual membership before hearing back from our staff the one-day license fee will not be refunded.  

If for some reason this process will not work our staff will direct you on alternative options.  Do not purchase an annual membership before hearing from our membership staff.  One-day license fees will not be refunded. 

If you prefer to fill out a paper application, send a copy of the one-day license receipt (or confirmation email) along with the annual membership application and payment for the remaining amount:

USA Triathlon
Membership Services 
5825 Delmonico Drive Ste 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Fax: 719-955-2685


Email: membership@usatriathlon.org

Please Note: This credit can only be applied towards the purchase of an amateur license.  Credit of a one-day license cannot be applied to an elite license purchase. 


  • USA Triathlon does not provide receipts for purchases of One-Day memberships.  If you need a copy of your receipt please check with the race director of the event you purchase it at.
  • We do not email or fax confirmation notices on received Annual Membership Applications.  Once your annual membership is processed (One business days after receipt of your application) you will receive an email letting you know your annual membership has been updated.
  • Your waiver signature is required. If an incomplete application is received, it will be delayed in processing until the waiver signature is obtained.
  • It can take up to three weeks for you to receive your annual membership materials. However, once your Annual Membership application has been processed, you will have access to the online system and can print a copy of your card to use until the hard copy arrives.