Welcome to the USA Triathlon Membership Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions page. Here, you can find answers to many of your questions. Please review and if your question is not answered in the FAQs, please contact our membership team at membership@usatriathlon.org or 719-955-2807.

FAQ Sections


What is the USA Triathlon Membership Referral Program
The USA Triathlon Membership Referral Program is an opportunity for individuals and member clubs to share the benefits of the USA Triathlon membership to individuals new to the USA Triathlon organization. Compensation is then received by individuals or clubs in form of a discount during future annual membership renewals.

How does the referral program work for individuals?
Any current member or new member of USA Triathlon will receive a referral link when their membership is renewed or created. This referral link will be sent via email confirmation to the athlete. Once received, this link can be shared with friends, family, etc.

How does the referral program work for clubs?
USA Triathlon registered clubs will receive a referral link that can be shared to club members or prospective athletes. When this referral link is used, there will be a discount applied to the overall cost of the next club renewal.

How do I share my referral link?
Your referral link will be sent to your email address. Once received, you can share your link via email or social media.

Do I have a referral link if I am a current and active member?
Yes. If you have an active USAT membership, you will have a referral link inside your profile that can be shared.

What is the discount received when a referral link is redeemed?
Each time a referral link is redeemed, individuals and clubs will receive $5.00 off during their next annual membership renewal.

How many times can the referral link be redeemed.
Your referral link can be redeemed up to ten times. If this limit is reached, your next annual membership will be FREE.

What if my referral link is redeemed more than ten times?
If your link is redeemed more than ten times, you can apply the additional funds to a multiyear membership or the discounts can carry over to your next renewal.

Who can redeem a referral link?
Only brand new members of USA Triathlon can redeem a link that is sent to them.

Are current members able to redeem a referral link sent to them?
No, any current member of USA Triathlon is not eligible to redeem a referral link that is sent to them. Current members can only share referral links with prospective brand new members.

Can I upgrade a one-day license or licenses and apply a referral link to a new membership?
No, a referral link is only valid for first-time annual membership purchases and does not include upgrading from a one-day license. However, you can still apply your one-day license(s) to an annual membership purchase.

My link did not work, what should I do?
For assistance with your referral link, please contact USA Triathlon by email at membership@usatriathlon.org or by phone at (719) 955-2807.

USAT Membership

What is an annual membership?
An annual membership allows an athlete to compete in USA Triathlon sanctioned races while receiving many benefits which include: a subscription to the quarterly USA Triathlon publication, inclusion in the USA Triathlon national ranking system (after competing in at least three USAT sanctioned triathlon or duathlon events, or two aquabike, aquathlon or off-road triathlon event(s), discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors, as well as eligibility to qualify for Team USA and compete at ITU World Championship events.