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Non-Draft Standard Non-Draft Sprint Draft-Legal Sprint Clydesdale & Athena
Category Place Category Place Category Place Category Place
Overall (M/F) 1-3 Overall (M/F) 1-3 Overall (M/F) 1-3
85-89 (M/F) 1-5 85-89 (M/F) 1-5 85-89 (M/F) 1-5 55+ Non-Draft Standard (F) 1-3
80-84 (M/F) 1-5 80-84 (M/F) 1-5 80-84 (M/F) 1-5 60+ Non-Draft Standard (M) 1-3
75-79 (M/F) 1-5 75-79 (M/F) 1-5 75-79 (M/F) 1-5 40-54 Non-Draft Standard (F) 1-3
70-74 (M/F) 1-5 70-74 (M/F) 1-5 70-74 (M/F) 1-5 40-59 Non-Draft Standard (M) 1-3
65-69 (M/F) 1-5 65-69 (M/F) 1-5 65-69 (M/F) 1-5 39- Non-Draft Standard (M/F) 1-3
60-65 (M/F) 1-5 60-65 (M/F) 1-5 60-65 (M/F) 1-5 55+ Non-Draft Sprint (F) 1-3
55-59 (M/F) 1-5 55-59 (M/F) 1-5 55-59 (M/F) 1-5 60+ Non-Draft Sprint (M) 1-3
50-54 (M/F) 1-5 50-54 (M/F) 1-5 50-54 (M/F) 1-5 40-54 Non-Draft Sprint (F) 1-3
45-49 (M/F) 1-5 45-49 (M/F) 1-5 45-49 (M/F) 1-5 40-59 Non-Draft Sprint (M) 1-3
40-44 (M/F) 1-5 40-44 (M/F) 1-5 40-44 (M/F) 1-5 39- Non-Draft Sprint (M/F) 1-3
35-39 (M/F) 1-5 35-39 (M/F) 1-5 35-39 (M/F) 1-5 55+ Draft-Legal Sprint (F) 1-3
30-34 (M/F) 1-5 30-34 (M/F) 1-5 30-34 (M/F) 1-5 60+ Draft-Legal Sprint (M) 1-3
25-29 (M/F) 1-5 25-29 (M/F) 1-5 25-29 (M/F) 1-5 40-54 Draft-Legal Sprint (F) 1-3
20-24 (M/F) 1-5 20-24 (M/F) 1-5 20-24 (M/F) 1-5 40-59 Draft-Legal Sprint (M) 1-3
17-19 (M/F) 1-5 17-19 (M/F) 1-5 17-19 (M/F) 1-5 39- Draft-Legal Sprint (M/F) 1-3


All-American Recognition

The USA Triathlon National Rankings are one of the great benefits you receive as a USA Triathlon annual member. Rankings allow you to see how you stack up against friends, family, co-workers and others in your age group across the country. This year, we will also be awarding All-American status for National Championships. For the Duathlon National Championships, the top ten (10) athletes per age group will earn this recognition in the standard, sprint, and draft-legal sprint races. Upon completion of the event, an electronic certificate will be sent to each athlete honoring their accomplishment. In addition, a complete list of all member rankings is posted right here

Bike Course Access Lanes

While the bike course is closed to traffic, there will be three vehicular access lanes present to allow access for local residents that would be otherwise cutoff from the road closure. As with all intersections, these access lanes will be heavily monitored by police and clearly delineated by cones. Please be aware of your surroundings and safely merge into one lane when you approach the access lanes. Outside of these access lanes, the bike course will be two full lanes. Through the access lanes, the bike course will be one lane.

Access lanes will be in the following segments of the course:

  • Eastbound:
    • Greensboro Ave. to Mars Spring Rd.
    • 6th Ave. to 400 meters east of Helen Keller Blvd.
  • Westbound
    • 400 meters east of Helen Keller Blvd. to 6th Ave.
    • Mars Spring Rd. to Greensboro Ave. (for the outbound run course)

Bike Support - VeloCity Cycles

USA Triathlon is excited to partner with VeloCity Cycles, the Official Bike Support of the 2021 Duathlon National Championships. VeloCity Cycles will be at the race venue and on-course Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the event. Athletes needing bike support Tuesday through Thursday of race week should visit VeloCity Cycles shop located at 401A 22nd Ave. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. VeloCity Cycles requires a pre-scheduled appointment for bike assembly. Appointments can be made by calling (205)344-5971.

Hours and Location of Operation:

  • Tuesday, May 18th – Thursday, May 20th 
    • Local Shop: 10:00am – 6:00pm (401A 22nd Ave. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401)
  • Friday, May 21st 
    • Packet Pickup: 9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Tuscaloosa Amphitheater)
  • Saturday, May 22nd 
    • Transition Area: 5:30 a.m. - 4:00p.m. (Tuscaloosa Amphitheater)
  • Sunday, May 23rd 
    • Transition Area: 5:30 a.m. - 12:00p.m. (Tuscaloosa Amphitheater)

VeloCity Cycles will also provide on-course bike support before and during racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Clydesdale and Athena Divisions

Clydesdale and Athena athletes will have the opportunity to compete for national championships in Clydesdale and Athena-specific divisions! Clydesdales (males) must be 220 pounds or greater on race day. Athenas (females) must be 165 pounds or greater on race day. If you wish to register as a Clydesdale or Athena athlete, CLICK HERE to learn more. Anybody identifying as a Clydesdale or Athena athlete will still compete in their respective five-year age group and be eligible for Team USA qualification and regular age group national championship awards. A separate set of national championship awards will be awarded specifically to Clydesdale and Athena divisions in the following categories:

  • Clydesdale 39 & Under
  • Athena 39 & under
  • Clydesdale 40-59 
  • Athena 40-54
  • Clydesdale 60+
  • Athena 55+

Weigh-In Requirements:

  • All Clydesdale and Athena athletes will be required to weigh-in on race morning in transition area prior to the race.
  • Scales will be made available during packet pickup in the days prior to race day, but official weights will only be recorded on race morning.
  • All athletes MUST weigh-in at or above the minimum weights, 220 pounds for Clydesdales and 165 pounds for Athenas. A USA Triathlon staff member will be managing the scales in transition area.
  • When weighing-in, athletes must only be wearing their racing kits. No shoes, hats, energy replacement, or other gear will be permitted on the scales.
  • Any athlete wishing to compete in Clydesdale or Athena divisions will be INELIGIBLE if either of the following apply:
    • You fail to meet the weight minimums on race morning
    • You fail to weigh-in on race morning
  • Once you have weighed-in and have met the weight minimum successfully, the USAT staff member will check your name off a list and you will be given a wristband indicating your weigh-in approval.
  • If you are competing in multiple races over the weekend, you only are required to weigh-in before your first race. Please keep your wristband on for the duration of the weekend.

Cycling Workshop with Kris Swarthout, Certified USA Triathlon Level III Coach, May 20, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.


Athletes and coaches are encouraged to join this educational workshop, focusing on cycling form, technique, mechanics, and power. The workshop will begin promptly at 8 a.m. in the east parking lot of the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. Coaches receive 4 USAT CEUs. Cost: $149.99. Advance registration is required. Click here to learn more and register today.

Drug Testing

USA Triathlon takes clean sport and anti-doping very seriously. In accordance with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) regulations, athletes may be drug tested at this event. Should drug testing occur, there are strict protocols that must be followed and will be coordinated by the on-site USADA representative as well as a USA Triathlon staff member. For information on USADA, please click here. For a list prohibited and banned substances, click here

Elite Wave

USA Triathlon is excited to offer an elite wave at Duathlon Nationals. Interested athletes can find registration information on the registration page. The elite wave be part of the standard-distance event and start just prior to the standard age group waves. This wave is limited to USA Triathlon elite card holders. There is not currently any prize money being offered.

Packet Pickup - Reservation Required on Friday, May 21

Each athlete must pick up their own packet. Athletes cannot pickup for other athletes.

Advanced selection of a time slot will be required by ALL athletes to get their packet on Friday, May 21. Click here to choose a time slot. Up to 50 people per 15-minute time slot will be permitted. Time slots will be available from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday. Late packet pickup for the Draft-Legal Sprint will be available from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 22. No reservations are required on Saturday. Race morning packet pickup on either day is not encouraged, but USA Triathlon staff will accommodate special situations if asked by email before the event.


Parking will now be available in the lot west of the Amphitheater (we previously mentioned this would be unavailable). Input 3075 Jack Warner Parkway on your GPS for directions to the lot. This is west of the train bridge AND you MUST enter the lot from the SOUTH via 28th Ave. Entering from the east or west will not be possible due to construction.

Click here to view the parking map.

Pre-Event Information and Rules Briefing

The pre-event information and rules briefing is now posted here to view on demand. This hour-long presentation from the race director, head officials, and others reviews all critical event information, Team USA qualification, and rules overviews for both non-drafting and draft-legal races. There will NOT be an in-person rules briefing during race week.

Running Workshop with Melissa Otterbein, Certified USA Triathlon Level II Coach & USA Triathlon Education Manager, May 20, 1-5 p.m.

Athletes and coaches are encouraged to join this educational workshop focusing on running biomechanics, skills, and drills for running efficiency and technique. Coaches will receive 4 USAT CEUs. Cost: $149.99. Advance registration is required. Click here to learn more and register today.

Social Media

Be sure to tag #USATDU in all of your social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more! Click here to join the Facebook event.


USA Triathlon Sportsmanship Creed

As competitive athletes and members of the triathlon community, you know there is no better feeling than succeeding in your endeavors in sport. As a competitor at USA Triathlon events, you have a responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship per the USA Triathlon Rulebook (Article III, Sections 3.3 and 3.4, Line b.), and as such, should always show respect for the sport, your fellow athletes, race staff, officials, volunteers and spectators. Each individual athlete shares this responsibility, which includes refraining from the use of improper language and conduct detrimental to the community at large. This rule will be strictly enforced and disrespectful language or conduct will not be tolerated.

For more information on USA Triathlon rules and sportsmanship, please reference the USAT Competitive Rules.