Registration - Event Canceled

Unfortunately, Tucson Racing has been forced to cancel the 2020 Duathlon National Championships in Lake Havasu City, as well as the Collegiate Club Cup and High School National Championships. Postponement to a later date in 2020 is no longer a viable option due to permitting and venue availability.

Canceling events is never an easy decision to make, and we know this news is disappointing to many of you. Because these are unprecedented circumstances, and as outlined in the race registration process (or deferral process for those who deferred from Tuscaloosa), Tucson Racing is providing a 50-percent refund on your registration fee. This refund will be credited automatically back to your original method of payment. This may take a few weeks, and we appreciate your patience during this process.

Cancellation Policy 

Unfortunately, due to event expenses already incurred, the 50% refund is the only option Tucson Racing is able to provide. We are unable to defer athletes to the 2021 Duathlon National Championships.

Cancellation policy agreed to during the registration process (or deferral process from the originally scheduled May event): Should the event be canceled due to COVID, the following refund structure would be implemented: 

  • On or before July 5  – 100% refund
  • On or before August 30 – 80% refund
  • On or before September 15 – 50% refund
  • On or after September 16 – No refund

Refunds will only be issued if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19-related issues.  If the event is modified due to state or federal restrictions (for example, conditions necessitating a time trial start), refunds will not be given. 

Pricing Info:

  • Non-Draft Sprint: $110
  • Draft-Legal Sprint: $110
  • Standard-distance: $135
Other Info:
  • There is no qualification required to participate in this event. Registration is open to everybody.
  • Elites athletes are allowed to race in any distance at Duathlon Nationals. However, they will be assigned to their respective Age Group and will not be eligible for age group or overall awards or Team USA qualification. All Elites will also race under standard age group rules.
  • Athletes MUST be 17 years of age by Dec. 31, 2020 to compete in Standard-Distance.
  • Athletes MUST be 15 years of age by Dec. 31, 2020 to compete in Sprint-Distance (for both draft-legal and non-drafting races).
  • Registration will close on Oct. 9 at 11:59 p.m. MT or when the event sells out

*USA Triathlon reserves the right to modify maximum race registration numbers.*

To be eligible for awards and Team USA qualification you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be a U.S. national - someone who has resided in the U.S. for three years.

Eligible Age Groups and Awards

Participants have the opportunity to qualify for the 2021 ITU Duathlon World Championships in Almere, Netherlands through the 2020 USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships. It is the policy of USA Triathlon to provide awards only for those age groups which qualify for this level of competition. For Sprint-Distance, age groups will begin with 15-19 and continue in 5-year increments through 80-84. For Standard-Distance, age groups will begin with 17-19 and continue in 5-year increments through 80-84. The minimum ages to compete are based on the ITU Competition Rules (appendix A, page 75). View ITU Competition rules here.

  • For the 2020 USAT Sprint-Distance Duathlon National Championship, athletes must be 15 by December 31st, 2020.
  • For the 2021 ITU Sprint-Distance Duathlon World Championship, athletes must be 16 by December 31st, 2021.
  • For the 2020 USAT Standard-Distance Duathlon National Championship, athletes must be 17 by December 31st, 2020.
  • For the 2021 ITU Standard-Distance Duathlon World Championship, athletes must be 18 by December 31st, 2021.

If you are wishing to compete at this event, but do not meet the minimum age requirement, we encourage you to participate in one of our youth events. For a chart of recommended distances for youth multisport athletes, please click here.  

Clydesdale and Athena Divisions

New for 2020, Clydesdale and Athena athletes will have the opportunity to compete for national championships in Clydesdale and Athena-specific divisions! Clydesdales (males) must be 220 pounds or greater on race day. Athenas (females) must be 165 pounds or greater on race day. Anybody wishing to register as a Clydesdale or Athena athlete must check the box when registering indicating that they wish to be identified as such. Anybody identifying as a Clydesdale or Athena athlete will still compete in their respective five-year age group and be eligible for Team USA qualification and regular age group national championship awards. A separate set of national championship awards will be awarded specifically to Clydesdale and Athena divisions in the following categories:

  • Clydesdale 39 & Under
  • Athena 39 & under
  • Clydesdale 40-59 
  • Athena 40-54
  • Clydesdale 60+
  • Athena 55+

All athletes wishing to compete for Clydesdale and Athena awards must check the box during registration wishing to identify as such. If you did not check this box during registration, but wish to now identify as a Clydesdale or Athena athlete, please email with your request to be added to these divisions.

*All athletes will be required to weigh-in on race morning in transition area prior to the race. For more details on weigh-ins, please CLICK HERE.