Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will occur near the finish line at Voice of America Park at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and 1:15 p.m. on Sunday.


Category Place
7 (M/F) 1-3
8 (M/F) 1-3
9 (M/F) 1-3
10 (M/F) 1-3
11 (M/F) 1-3
12 (M/F) 1-3
13 (M/F) 1-3
14 (M/F) 1-3
15 (M/F) 1-3
Youth Para Open (M/F) 1-3
Team Relay 1-3
Youth Club National Championship 1-3
Youth Elite (M/F) 1-3 
Junior Elite (M/F) 1-3
Youth Elite Series (M/F) 1-3
Junior Elite Series (M/F) 1-3
Fastest Swim: Age 7-10 (M/F)
Fastest Swim: Age 11-15 (M/F) 1
Fastest Bike: Age 7-10 (M/F)  1
Fastest Bike: Age 11-15 (M/F)  1
Fastest Run: Age 7-10 (M/F) 1
Fastest Run: Age 11-15 (M/F) 1

*If any athlete does not pick up their award during the award ceremony they need to contact to request their award and send an online payment (or check) for $15 to cover shipping and processing. USA Triathlon will only hold awards for 60 days following the event and then the awards will be donated to charity or recycled.

Course Nutrition

   Carb Boom! Energy Gel will be available on the course for all athletes.
   Gatorade Endurance formula is the Official Sports Beverage of USA Triathlon and
 will be available on the course for all athletes.


Timing Chips - Disposable

Timing chips for the event will be disposable timing chip bands. Because of this, athletes will be receiving their timing chip bands in their packets at packet pick up. It is the athlete’s responsibility to remember to bring and wear their timing chip band on race day. Click here for instructions on how to attach your timing chip band and stipulations that should be followed. Note that if you are wearing a wetsuit, it MUST NOT be covered or on top of the wetsuit. Timing chips should still be attached at the ankle as outlined in the instructions. Upon crossing the finish line, there will be a table with scissors in which you should cut off your timing band and place in the designated trashcan. You will not need to turn in your timing chip band but rather dispose of it.


Voice of America Park

Address: 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069