USA Triathlon Magazine is printed and delivered to USA Triathlon members quarterly and features the inspired storytelling, captivating photography, expert training advice from USA Triathlon Certified Coaches, industry news, athlete features and sharp commentary as featured in the publication for the past two decades. 

Digital editions 

To view the digital editions of past USA Triathlon Magazine issues, click the respective links below and enter the following username and password when prompted: 

username: usatriathlon

password: usatmag


Unsolicited story ideas, articles and photographs are welcome, as are Letters to the Editor.

With some exceptions, USA Triathlon Magazine uses Associated Press style. Submissions should be written using a word processor software program (Microsoft Word is preferred) and emailed as an attachment to the editor-in-chief. Be sure the subject of the email reflects what type of submission is being sent.

Digital photographs should be submitted in the form of original, unedited JPEGs. Suggested captions are welcome. Photographs may be submitted via email. Prints also are accepted and are returned upon request. Photographer credit is published when supplied.

Member Corner

USA Triathlon annual members, we want to hear from you! Submit a photo, drawing, poem, personal essay, social media post, etc., for publication in USA Triathlon Magazine and you could be featured in Member Corner. Send submissions to with “Member Corner” in the subject line.


If you are interested in contributing to USA Triathlon Magazine, please contact the editor-in-chief via email and provide samples of your work.



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