Women’s Focus: Community Engagement Opportunities

Volunteer at a Local Women’s Only Event

Women’s Only Triathlon and multisport events require a team of volunteers to make the event possible. These volunteers do a wide range of tasks ranging from pre-race packet stuffing to post-race teardown. Many race directors also provide opportunities for discounted race entries or other benefits for volunteers. At the end of the day, events often cannot be successful without the help that volunteers provide. To give back locally, please consider volunteering your time to a local race or USAT Championship. You can get involved and find an event here.

Host a Women’s Tri101 Info Session 

An info session is an opportunity to share information about the sport of triathlon with members of the community. Sessions can be hosted by any coach, race director, club, or passionate triathlete. They can take place at any local store, restaurant, gym, or anywhere it is easy to gather a group of women and share a presentation. The most important elements of the info session are welcoming new female triathletes into the sport and giving them the initial information they need to get started. More information about hosting an info session can be found here: https://www.mytimetotri.com/partnerresources

Bring a Friend Program

Do you have a friend or family member who has shown interest in your racing or has always said they wanted to race one day? The Bring a Friend program will give you the framework needed to introduce your friend or family member to the sport and support them while training.