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The Community Growth Team consists of passionate coaches, clubs, race directors and athletes who are looking to grow multisport within their own community. Every individual has a different skillset, background, and varying amount time available to give back to the sport, all of which are vital to the growth of multisport. The Community Growth Team helps educate, implement, and develop a wide range of programs and content across the country though localized engagement including activities such as volunteerism, event execution and content sharing.

Active Programs

  • Volunteerism at area events 
  • Tri101 Info Sessions 
  • Bring a Friend Program
  • Youth Splash and Dash 
  • Club Growth 
  • Swim to Tri 
  • Multisport Meetups 

Areas of Growth

  • Short Course Triathlon 
  • Youth 
  • Paratriathlon 
  • Women’s Growth
  • Club Growth
  • High School Triathlon 
  • Diversity and Inclusion 

Each team member is provided with a customized task list in which to engage with that is crafted by their area of passion, experience, and time available to invest. Team members can then select which, if any of the programs they would like to work with.

Recognition and Reward

USA Triathlon is grateful for the hard-working volunteers and constituents who work at the grassroots level share the sport with others.  For that reason, we will be honoring and recognizing those Community Growth Team Members who are making a large impact. Furthermore, discounts and rewards will be provided to team members who engage with program implementation.

Join the Team

Whether it’s 15 minutes or 8 hours a week, the world of multisport would love to have your help in growing the sport.  Complete this very quick survey if you would like to join the team!

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