The mission of the USA Triathlon History Project is to collect, preserve, and make available information, materials, and memorabilia relating to history of multisport.

The purposes of the History Project are:

  • To document the origins and development of modern multisport, including triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, and aquabike events;
  • To provide a data base of past information for future records, articles, books, marketing materials, exhibits, and awards;
  • To assist the Hall of Fame Committee and other current and future committees, boards of directors, and staff of USATriathlon with access to historical information;
  • To foster the creation of virtual exhibits illustrating and explaining the history of multisport;
  • To provide safe, permanent storage of archives and artifacts and to accommodate their ready and easy access and retrieval.

We seek oral histories from the pioneers in the creation of multisport, preferably with pictures or videos to illustrate and accompany the stories.  We need volunteers with experience in interviewing and in multisport to conduct and write up the oral histories and to bring out the human interest in the events surrounding them.

We welcome donations of historical materials and memorabilia that illustrate triathlon’s development. We want to add new items to our archives, but not replicate too much of what we have. Please contact Tim Yount at USA Triathlon Headquarters at or 719-955-2831 before sending anything. Donations of historical materials and memorabilia should be sent to Tim Yount, USA Triathlon National Office, 5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

We want to develop virtual exhibits in a digital format that captures the excitement of this relatively new sport over the past four decades. We have in our archives many contributions illustrating the evolution of triathlon into an Olympic sport, but we need one or more volunteers with experience in creating virtual exhibits to develop the story lines, collect the pictures, identify what we have and don’t have from our archives, and put together the exhibit. We seek additions and corrections to the information we have posted on line. There are others who have contributed to the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness through multisport; there are facts we’ve missed.