Sunday, June 21 | National Triathlon Week Eve

Get inspired for National Triathlon Week by seeing the powerful stories from the previous winners of our annual Lifetime Membership award. Also, see the reveal for the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament, an interactive bracket where you can vote on the top 40 moments in U.S. triathlon history each day — round by round and matchup by matchup. By the end of the week, we'll crown a campion for the best triathlon moment in USA history. 


Monday, June 22 | Time to Tri Day

Celebrate the sport and see why it's so accessible for beginners. Want to learn more? Find triathlon resources and training tips at to help you get started in your journey.

To start off National Triathlon Week, follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some great beginner triathlon tip videos from our partners, and vote in Round 1 of the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket! 


Tuesday, June 23 | Olympic & Paralympic Day

We're celebrating a new day during National Triathlon Week in 2020 — Olympic & Paralympic Day! This is the day to show your pride for Team USA. Celebrate with the entire U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movement all day, and check out our website and social media channels to relive some of the best U.S. Olympic and Paralympic triathlon moments — like Gwen Jorgensen's gold medal and the U.S. Paratriathlon team's podium sweep. Then, continue the celebration by voting for your favorite U.S. triathlon moments in Round 2 of the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket. 


Wednesday, June 24 | Swim Day

Whether or not pools are back open in your area, Swim Day is still a day to celebrate the first discipline of our sport. Get some swim tips from coaches, practice some dry land swim exercises and vote in the Sweet 16 of our #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket! 


Thursday, June 25 | Bike Day

Take advantage of the summer weather and get outside for a nice bike ride! Need some inspiration? Head to our USA Triathlon social media channels for a video feature on the Toyota U.S. Paratriathlon National Team riding across the whole state of Colorado to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

And, the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket will be winding down. Don't forget to visit our website at to vote on the Elite Eight matchups of the top U.S. triathlon moments in history. 


Friday, June 26 | Run Day

We're almost at the finish line! Hop off the bike and celebrate the end of the work week with a run, and vote in the Final Four of the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament Bracket. 


Saturday, June 27 | Race Day

We can't wait to race with all of you as our sport works toward safely returning to in-person events. Until then, sign up for our special #TriWeek Virtual Challenge and compete by running, biking and running some more from anywhere around the world. 

Saturday will also be the championship round of the #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament, so be sure to make your voice heard and vote for your top moment in U.S. triathlon history!


Sunday, June 28 | Community Appreciation Day

Like Olympic & Paralympic Day, Community Appreciation Day is new to #TriWeek in 2020. The encouraging, welcoming and inspiring community is a big part of what makes triathlon so great. Join us in celebrating our athletes, coaches, race directors, officials, partners and everyone who makes up our multisport family. 

Finally, check back with us on social media to see the winner of our #TriWeek Triathlon Tournament!