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Your Guide to Triathlon: Support the Sport and Master Your Swim, Bike and Run

Get Started

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Welcome to your new favorite sport. Whether you love to swim, bike or run, there is a multisport discipline for everyone. To help you get started, take a look at our beginners' guide, find training and nutrition tips, learn about the benefits of becoming a USA Triathlon annual member and catch up on the sport's rules.

About the Sport

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Triathlon has been an Olympic program since 2000 and became an official sport in 1974. USA Triathlon has something to offer for everyone interested in getting involved in the multisport lifestyle. Whether you're ready to take the plunge and do your first race or want to learn more about the sport and its history, USA Triathlon has resources for you.

Learn About Paratriathlon


Want to get your start in triathlon but think you’re limited based on an impairment? Whether you like to swim, bike or run, paratriathlon has something for everyone. Not the athletic type but still want to be a part of the para community? Find out how to get involved in the sport and learn about the different sport classes and rules.

Grow Youth & Junior Participation

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Youth Triathlon participation continues to grow and with over 40,000 annual triathlon youth members, now is the best time to join. Whether you are a parent, coach or young athlete, you'll find all the necessary resources to get started. Learn all about the racing formats available to youth and junior athletes, and stop by KidZone for swim, bike and run tips, contests and more multisport opportunities just for kids. 

Follow USA Triathlon

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Stay connected with USA Triathlon online and through your favorite social networks. Follow USA Triathlon for exclusive content, training tips, and race updates. Share your triathlon stories with other multisport athletes through the "My Story" blog and re-experience event excitement through photos and videos online at

Learn How Gwen Got Started in Triathlon

Olympic Gold Medalist, two-time World Champion, record breaking 17 career ITU World Triathlon Series gold medals and currently one of the best triathletes in the world. Yet in 2009, Gwen Jorgensen didn’t even know triathlon was an Olympic sport. Discovery this talented and driven athlete's journey into the world of triathlon.

Find a Community

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As an athlete, we know your focus is to swim, bike and run to the best of your ability and to have fun while doing it. USA Triathlon’s network of Sanctioned Events, Certified Coaches, Clubs and Regions is here to help you reach your multisport goals and connect with a community near you. 

Support Triathlon

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The USA Triathlon Foundation strives to ensure the next generation enjoys similar opportunities in the sport of triathlon, with the belief that every child should have the chance to participate, every paratriathlete should have the chance to compete, and every elite athlete should chase his or her Olympic dream.