The Short List
  • Was the No. 1 player in the world in the fall of 2001
  • Won the 2002 and 2001 Australian Open. She was ranked 12th in 2001 yet went on to win her first Grand Slam singles title and become the lowest ranked women in the Open era to win a Grand Slam
  • Won the 2001 French Open
  • Won Olympic gold at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain, by defeating reigning Olympic champion and No.1 seed Steffi Graf
  • Has won 12 WTA Tour Singles Titles between 1990 and 2001
Did You Know?
  • In winning the 2001 French Open, she became the first U.S. woman to do so since Chris Evert in 1986.
  • Is one of only four women in the world to win the Australian Open and French Open in the same year.
  • Was named the 2001 U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Woman of the Year.
  • 2001 Sports Illustrated Sports Woman of the Year.
  • When Capriati won the gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, she became the youngest Olympic champion in history at 16 years and four months.
  • Was ranked eighth in the world in 1990 and became the youngest player ever to rank in the top-10 at just 14 years old
  • Her younger brother, Steven, plays college tennis at the University of Arizona. The two have paired together at Wimbledon in the mixed doubles competition.
  • Enjoys concerts, skiing and getting online to keep in touch with friends and family.
  • Father, Stefano, and mother, Denise, both play club-level tennis.
  • Plays right-handed with a double-handed backhand.
It's Every Day
As a young teenager Capriati was working her way up to unprecedented success. She had made it to the semifinals of the French Open and Wimbledon in 1990 and won Olympic gold in 1992, all by the age of 16. However, her career took a turn for the worst when early burnout and pressure led her to drop from the tour in 1993. She returned briefly in 1994 but dropped out once again. During these difficult years, Capriati got caught up with the law after being caught shoplifting and possessing marijuana. This tragedy inspired the WTA to introduce age eligibility rules to prevent young players aged 13-16 from joining the circuit full-time. Capriati rejoined the tour in 1996 and struggled to regain her previous success after a number of unsuccessful comeback attempts. However, the tennis star refused to give up. Capriati battled through six years of mediocre play, injuries and personal issues. Then she hit it big again in 2001, winning the Australian and French Opens and re-emerging as the top tennis player in the world.