USA Team Handball


See below for contact information for USA Team Handball's five regional ambassadors. Please email the ambassador in your respective area of the country for more information on starting a club, youth and grassroots efforts in their region, collegiate handball development, etc.



Contact Information

Katiann Scherer

Los Angeles

Martin Bilello

San Francisco

Ross Miner


Divine Jackson

New York

Drew Bradley



For developmental and beginner handball videos, Play Handball M. Ortega on YouTube has a series of beginner, fundamental videos that can help you get started. Geared especially towards athletes at the college age and older.  

For handball training exercises, Handball Training TV provides an extensive collection of training and practice exercises and drills for handball players and coaches (page is in German, can be translated into English). Coaches and trainers can filter and search for their desired topics, and these exercises are both animated and described.

For more handball drills and exercises, another online resource can be found HERE.


USA Team Handball is proud to endorse the resources and courses offered by the "How to Coach Kids" website.


#ProjectPlay is about growing national sports participation rates. Quality coaches are critical to this mission. That’s why we’re proud to support How To Coach Kids – a new online resource developed by our partners @Nike and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (@TeamUSA) to give America’s 6.5 million volunteer coaches the resources they need to inspire kids to get engaged, and stay engaged in sports. Check it out and download the app today: