Level 3 License "Insight"


Direction questions to: info@usateamhandball.org

Primary Audience: Open to all Level 2 "Milestone" accredited coaches of all coaching/teaching levels and experience, including those who taken and passed Experience Equivalency Exception Test and met all other Level 2 requirements.

Prerequisites: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have earned and held Level 2 license "Milestone" for a minimum of 12 months

Course Content: The emphasis of Level 3 "Insight" course is on "Organization and Team Play Development." Sessions include in-classroom and on-court activities focused on but not limited to workshops in Teaching Selected Advanced Offensive and Defensive Systems, Designing Small Group and Team drills, Building and Executing Counter-attack (1st, 2nd, 3rd wave), Training of Goalkeepers, Combining Technical/Tactical Preparation and Conditioning, Team building, Selected Concepts from Sport Science and Training Theory; Additional Module topics will vary.

Course Length: 14-16 hours in either a 2-day on-site format or a combination of on and off-site delivery format. Day 1 is 10 hours of core course instruction. Day 2 is 4-6 hours of elective instruction in 4 discretionary sessions lasting 1-1.5 hour long each or 4-6 hours of elective home-based activities and/or online instruction.

License Requirements: For Level 3 License - following the course applicants must:
• Pass Level 3 written test. To be awarded the Level 3 License, the candidate must receive a grade of "pass" in all theoretical testing areas.
• Pass Level 3 practical test on-site. Failing any of the practical tests will result in a failing grade for a course with no retesting.
• Submit proof of valid First Aid/CPR certification.
• Submit proof of having had a "Coaching Principles "course offered on-line by the American Sport Education Program.
• Pass USATH administered Background Check ($25 fee for non USATH members).
• Submit documentation of 1approved home-based Level 3 activity.
• Submit original 1000 word Article on assigned topic.
• Total Cost: TBD but may vary by membership status, deadline date and course site. Electives cost will vary from $40 to $75. Late fees may be applicable after early registration period ends.
• Required Learning Resources: The following is the list of written materials /publications that the candidate is expected to be familiar with prior to attending the Level 3 course:
• Baechle, T. R. (Ed.). (1994). Essentials of strength training and conditioning. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Clanton, R. & Dwight, M (1997). Team handball: Steps to success. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Czerwinski, J. & Taborski, T (2005). Basic handball: Methods, tactics, technique. Zurich: European Handball Federation. (available for download from www.eurohandball.com )
• EHF Methods Commission. (2005). Basic handball: Practical Exercises. Zurich: European Handball Federation. (available for download from www.eurohandball.com )
• Fleck, S. J., & Kraemer W. J. (1997). Designing resistance training programs. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Hamil, B. M., & LaPoint, P. (1994). Team Handball: Skills, strategies and training. Dubuque, IA: Eddie Bowers Publishers. (available from on-line stores)
• Marczinka, Z. (1993). Playing handball: A comprehensive study of the game. Budapest, Hungary: Trio Budapest. (available for download from http://www.usateamhandball.org/center/coaches/)
• Thomson, J. (1995). Positive Coaching: Building character and self-esteem through sports. Portola Valley, CA: Warde Publishers, Inc. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Wimore, J. H., & Costill D. L. (1999). Physiology of sport and exercise (2nd ed.). Champaign: Human Kinetics. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Zatsiorsky, V. M. (1995). Science and practice of strength training. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. (available from on-line bookstores)
• Rules of the Game (available for download from www.ihf.info )
• All coaching articles published on USATH website under Coaching Resources
Additional resources such as Level 3 Supplemental Handouts, in-class videos, DVD and Power Presentations, etc., will be provided on-site to all course participants.

Benefits: Coaches will receive a letter of congratulations and an official USATH License Certificate; will be eligible to coach USATH Junior National Teams; will receive an exclusive access to a quarterly e-coach newsletter.

Re-certification: Once the Level 3 course is attended the coach has 12 months to finish the requirements and achieve certification. Certification is valid for one quad (4 years). Prior to the end of that 4 year quad, to stay current the coach must take steps to either:
• Re-new the Level 3 License by taking another full Level 3 on-site course; take only Day 1 (Core sessions) at an on-site course and submit documentation of 4 approved home-based Level 3 activities; take only Day 2 (Electives) sessions and submit documentation of 4 approved home-based Level 3 activities; or
• Take a Level 4 course and finish those requirements within 12 months to obtain Level 4 License.