USA Team Handball

USA Team Handball Membership is available HERE via our membership platform, Sport:80.
More information on Sport:80 can be found here.

Membership Levels:

o Individual Mini-Handball (U10) Registration: $10.00 
o Individual Youth Player (U14) Registration: $20.00
o Individual Junior Player (U21) Registration: $50.00 
o Supporting Membership: $50.00  
o Individual Adult Player Registration: $70.00  
o Coach Registration: $70.00  
o Referee Registration: $70.00 
o Collegiate Club Registration: $100.00  
o Non-Collegiate Club Registration: $200.00  
o Lifetime Membership: $600.00 (Supporting)
o Lifetime Membership: $750.00 (Active) 
o All Olympians are lifetime members

Age categories for the 2020-21 season: 
(born between January 1st and December 31st of)

U21 - 2000
U20 - 2001
U19 - 2002
U18 - 2003
U17 - 2004
U16 - 2005
U15 - 2006
U14 - 2007
U13 - 2008
U12 - 2009
U11 - 2010
U10 - 2011

Benefits of registering with USATH as an individual include:

• Entrance to USATH club, college, high school and all other regional sanctioned events
• Opportunity to try out and participate in National Team programming
• Invitations to USATH special events and national team tryouts opportunities
• Exclusive discounts on United Airlines flights to USA Team Handball events 
(call the United Olympic Desk at 1-800-841-0460, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday)
• Opportunities and discounts through DeVry University for educational and academic programs
(For more information, please visit:
• Opportunity to watch and play with the best athletes from the United States, and meet new friends


Benefits of registering your team/club with USATH include:

• Club recognition as a member of USA Team Handball
• Liability and secondary accidental coverage under USATH insurance umbrella
• Access to posting announcements and results related to your club’s activities
• Opportunity to sanction USATH events and bid to host USATH National Championships
• Entrance to USATH Club, College HS and all other regional sanctioned events
• Opportunity to become USATH Regional or National Center of Excellence
• Invitations to USATH special events


Upon completing the online registration and paying its annual membership fees, USATH team/club members become eligible for complimentary liability insurance coverage for their training and competition facilities, as well as secondary accident coverage for their own players and visitors. Both the club and/or the event, as well as all the individual members participating in the club or event activity, need to have valid memberships for coverage to apply.

Please click here to download the USA Team Handball Waiver and Release form.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact