USA Team Handball


The United States participated in the 1936 Olympic Games in team handball (then played outdoors on a soccer pitch with eleven players and called Field Ball) under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Union. In 1959, modern team handball (played indoors with seven players) was introduced to the United States by a group of European immigrants headed by Dr. Peter Buehning. In 1963, the men's U.S. National Team played its first international match in Switzerland, and men's team handball was reinstated to the Olympic Games in 1972. The women's U.S. National Team played its first international match in Iceland in 1975, and women's team handball made its Olympic debut in 1976.

Over these many years, many men and women have represented the United States on National Teams in Olympic Games, World Cups, World Championships, Pan American Championships and Games, and many other internationals tournaments and matches. This photo gallery displays the team photos from and identifies players on these National Teams spanning many decades and, in doing so helps to preserve our team handball legacy.

We will be updating this gallery: we know we are missing team photos and some player's names from the team photos already displayed. If you have any team photos from National Teams that would be appropriate for inclusion or can help identify any missing names, then please contact Michael Lenard at If you are in the photos, then please send your email and address so that we can stay in contact and celebrate together our shared past and pride in representing the USA in international competition.

Take a stroll through history, tradition and pride - view Men's National Team and Women's National Team archives.