Welcome to Beach Handball

Beach Handball is a relatively new "kid on the block" as the game and its first official rules were officially recognized by the International Handball Federation (IHF) in 1994. The sport will be featured in the 2013 World Games while being considered to debut as a separate event in the 2020 or 2024 Olympic Games. The IHF and other continental federations actively promote beach handball through grassroots and international competitions understanding that some athletes will specialize in beach handball while others will cross-over into indoor handball.

Team USA places 11th at the 2016 Beach World Championships!

Budapest, Hungary

Pool Play

July 12th  10:00am  USA vs. Ukraine 2-0 USA Wins

3:30pm USA vs. Brazil. 0-2 reigning World Champs Brazil Wins

July 13th  10:00am USA vs. Egypt 1-1, USA lost in shoot-out 6-10

17:20pm USA vs. Qatar 0-2, USA lost a close one

July 14th  10:50am USA vs. Bahrain 1-1, USA lost in the shoot out

Championship Rounds

July 15th 12:30pm USA vs. Oman 1-1, USA lost in shoot-out 6-10

7:00pm USA vs. Austrailia 1-1, USA lost in shoot out 8-9

July 16th 10am USA vs. Austrailia 2-0 USA Wins!  Finishes in 11th Place

Final Rankings

1. Croatia
2. Brazil
3. Qatar
4. Hungary
5. Spain
6. Ukraine
7. Oman
8. Egypt
9. Bahrain
10. Uruguay
11. USA
12. Australia