College: John Hopkins University 
Current Club: Team Rogue (USA)
Position: Back
Height: 6'2"
Hometown: Milford, DE

USA Team Handball Career:
2019: NACHC Championships, 5th Place
2018: Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st Place
2018: Busan International, South Korea, 4th Place
2017: Busan International, South Korea, 4th Place
2017:Pan American Championships- Argentina, 5th place
2015: Pan American Championship Nor.Ca Qualifier, 3rd place
2015: Last Chance Pan American Games Qualifier, 2nd place
2014: Winter Classic, USA Blue Team, 1st place, Top 5 Scorer
2013: Pan American Championship, 8th place
2011: Pan American Games, 8th place
2008: Pan American Div. I Championship, 4th place
Individual Team Handball Career:
2019: Busan Bisco (KOR)
2019: Korea League Championship, 1st place
2019: East Asian Handball Club Championship, 3rd place
2017-2019: Team Rogue (USA)
2018: USATH Open National Championships, 1st place
2017: USATH Open National Championships, 1st place, MVP
2013: Le Pouzin HB 07 (FRA) 2011-2014: Chicago Inter
2013: USATH Open National Championships, 1st place
2011: AZS-AWF Warsawa (POL), 2nd Div.
2008-2009: SUN AL Bouillargues (FRA), 2nd Div.
2007-2008: Bergerac HB (FRA), 3rd Div.
1999-2003: Competed in basketball (center), javelin throw, and discus for Johns Hopkins University
Kathleen Darling is a graduate of John Hopkins University with a BS in Civil Engineering and was a four-time All-American in the javelin and discus. She won three NCAA titles in those disciplines. She first started playing handball in 2005 and quickly adapted to the game. After spending two years in the Olympic Residency Training Program, she earned professional contracts for two French teams: Bergerac HB and SUN Al Bouillargues. Her most memorable handball moment is "playing Brazil in 2005 in Sao Paolo in front of what seemed like 10,000 Brazilian fans sambaing in the stands." Her goal is "to go to the Pan Am Games and to be able to stop having to explain what handball is to Americans."
Darling has a lot of hobbies including traveling, lifting weights, cooking, and scuba diving. She is also on a "mission to re-create the perfect neapolitan pizza at home". The handball veteran also enjoys kettlebells, reading, painting and wordpress. Her favorite food is Pizza at Keste; favorite movie is Dress to Kill; favorite tv show is Rome. Her father is a coach; mother is a teacher; and she has one younger sister. Another claim to fame for Darling is that she designed the latest USATH logo. 

Last updated:July 7, 2019