Name: Juan Felipe Zabala Carvajal
Sport: Team Handball
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160
DOB: 9/15/1995
Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
High School: Colegio Corazonista de Medellin
College: Universidad EAFIT
Team/Club: Club Deportivo Corazonista, Inter Miami THC
Coach(es): Alvaro Velez, Juan Santiago Diaz, Adriana Agudelo
Other Career Highlights
  • 2020 Carolina Blue Cup – 8th (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  • 2019 Michael Lipov Memorial Tournament – 11th (Chicago, Illinois)
  • 2019 U.S. Open National Championships – 3rd, Open Division (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
  • 2017 Copa Caribe de Balonmano – 5th (Colombia)
  • 2017 Juegos Universitarios ASCUN (Universidad EAFIT) – 1st (Colombia)
Personal: Son of Colombian parents, Carlos Alberto & Liliana Maria...Born in Miami, moved back to Medellin two years later and grew up there...Started playing handball in 2004 because two of his best friends played for his former club (Club Deportivo Corazonista), has been playing ever since (17 years and counting)...Has a Bachelor's degree in International Business and speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Italian)...Besides playing handball, enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading, watching sports (mostly soccer and handball) and driving.