Name: Bryana Newbern
Position: Goalkeeper
Sport: Team Handball
Classification: Goalkeeper
Height: 5'9"
Birthplace: Monterey, Calif.
Hometown: Bremen, Germany
College: City University of Applied Sciences
Team/Club: SV Werder Bremen
USA Team Handball Career
2019: NACHC Championships, 5th Place
2019: Luxembourg European Tour
2018: Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st Place
2018: European Tour
2018: Busan International,South Korea, 4th Place
2018:  Italy Tour
2017: France Camp
2017: Busan International, South Korea, 4th Place
2017: Pan American Championships, 5th place
2017: Pan American Championship Nor.Ca Qualifier, 2nd place
2017Named to Senior Women's National Team

Individual Team Handball Career
2018-2019: TV Oyten, 4th Place (3rd Division DEU)
2017-2018: Grand Poitiers HB 86, Aulnay Handball (FRA)
2016: USA Women's National Team Residency Program, Auburn University 
2016Named to Women's Senior National Team
2015-2016: ATSV Habenhausen (DEU)
2014: North Germany 3rd Division, Second Place with TV Oyten
2013: North Germany 3rd Division Champion with TV Oyten
2013: U19 North German Championships, Second Place 
2012: U19 North German Championships, First Place 
2010: Quarter Finalist at German Championship with TV Oyten Junior team 
2010: Junior Champion with TV Oyten from Bremen (highest league)
2010: Best goalkeeper of North Germany (Born 1994) 
2009: Best goalkeeper of North Germany (Born 1994)  
2009-2014: TV Oyten (DEU) 
2005-2009: HSG Schwanewede/Neuenkirchen 
1995-2005: HSG Vegesack/Hammersbeck 


Bryana Newbern was born in Monterey, California, and seven months later her father Charles was deployed to fight in the Iraq War with the US Army. Her mother Tanja returned to Bremen, Germany to be with her parents while Charles was deployed.

At age five, Bryana discovered the sport of handball through the local newspaper, as her first club was looking for new youth players.

In 2007, Newbern was selected for the State Team in Bremen, and attended the German Youth National Team Tryout.

In 2008, Newbern received an offer from the club TV Oyten and played there for 6 years, until she began an apprenticeship in assistant manager of health care. Upon completion, Bryana moved to Auburn, Alabama to train with the USA National Team Residency Program for 8 months.

In 2017, Newbern moved to France and played for Grand Poitiers HB 86 and Aulnay Handball during the 2017-2018 season. In 2018, Newbern moved home to Bremen, Germany and return to her home club TV Oyten for the 2018-2019 season where they placed fourth. 

Bryana studies at City University of Applied Sciences–Hochschule Bremen, where she will obtain a Bachelors in International Studies of applied leisure sciences.  She received an offer from SV Werder Bremen where she will play for their second team. (Second and Fourth Division DEU). 


Last updated:July 7, 2019