Name: Ashley Butler
Position: Right Wing / Right Back
Sport: Team Handball
Height: 5'5"
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minn.
Hometown: Bremen, Germany

USA Team Handball Career:

2019: NACHC Championships, 5th Place

2018: International Friendly Matches, Italy

2017: Pan American Championships-Argentina, 5th Place

2017: North American and Caribbean Qualifier, 2nd Place


Individual Team Handball Career:

2017: Named to Women's Senior National Team
2016-2019: HSG Hude/Falkenburg (DEU)
2015: SV Werder Bremen ( 2.Division and 4.Division DEU)
2014:SV Werder Bremen (3.Divison and 4.Division DEU)
2013: Junior Champion with SV Werder Bremen (DEU)
2012: Best Right Back of North Germany (Born 1998)
2012:Tryout for the German Youth National Team
2012: Selected for the State Team Bremen (DEU)
2008-2016: SV Werder Bremen (DEU)