Name: Abou Fofana
Position: Left Back
Sport: Team Handball
Classification: Left Back
Height: 6’6 " / 198 cm
DOB: 7/26/1996
Hometown: East Orange, N.J.
Team/Club: HV Kras/Volendam (NED)
Coach(es): Robert Hedin

USA Team Handball Career

  • 2019: IHF Emerging Nations Championships, 5th Place, Man of Match–USA v. Ireland (13 Goals)
  • 2019: IHF Emerging Nations NORCA Qualifier, 2nd Place
  • 2018: Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st Place
  • 2018: Named to the Senior Men’s National Team
  • 2017: Junior Pan American Championship, 4th Place
  • 2016: Junior IHF Trophy Cup, 1st place
  • 2015: Junior Partile Cup, 3rd Place
  • 2014: Junior IHF Trophy Cup, 2nd Place
  • 2012: Junior IHF Trophy Cup, 4th Place

Individual Team Handball

  • 2018: Named to the USATH Senior National Team
  • 2014: Youth National Championship, 4th place
  • 2010-2014: Fenix Toulouse Handball Youth Team
  • Girondins de Bordeaux , 4th division
  • Grand Nancy Metropole Handball , 2nd division


Abou began playing handball in 2010 with Toulouse. He played every position, starting at Right Wing, until he settled in at Left Back when he began playing with the Senior Team. Surprisingly enough, handball is not Abou’s favorite sport, it is a tie between basketball and American football. Abou enjoys playing video games, especially sports related games. Abou also likes to take some time to read books.


Last Updated July 7, 2019