USA Taekwondo

Safe Sport is an initiative that is mandatory for all USOPC National Governing Bodies to develop and to implement. USA Taekwondo has done so, and it is now a requirement that people in supervisory positions with our Taekwondo athletes must undergo and successfully complete a background check. Of course, the emphasis here is on the safety of our athletes and the strong motivation to keep them safe from all kinds of abuse, to include harassment, bullying and improper touching. We will also be providing training for our membership regarding Safe Sport and its implementation. 

We are partnering with the USOPC to bring this training to our membership. Athlete safety concerns our entire membership and SafeSport is a great initiative that has been instituted by the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee to help to protect all of our athletes.

When a current member renews their membership, or when a new member registers for the first time, they are required to have a background check as a part of the SafeSport initiative, depending on the category of their membership registration. Anyone who registers as either a coach, referee or instructor and/or club owner must pay and have a background check done before the membership is either renewed or accepted (for first-time registrants).


Click Here to Visit the SafeSport Website. 

Some points of information for our membership:

• Members whose sole membership category is 'athlete' will not be required to complete a background check.
• If you indicate more than one membership category in your registration (i.e. athlete, coach, referee, instructor and/or club owner) you MUST complete the background check before you will be allowed to register for any tournament or seminar under any membership category.
• Background checks will be required every two years and should be updated annually.
• Completion of a background check will take a minimum of 24 hours to get the results back. For those coaches, referees, instructors, etc., who have an event that is coming up soon, you must allow yourself time to have a completed background check so that your participation in that event will not be denied, pending the results of your background check.
• The burden is on each individual to complete their background check in plenty of time to participate in any event or seminar of their choice. There are no 'RUSH' background checks to make up for poor planning on the part of an individual.
• The expense of the background check is the responsibility of each individual. Payment for the background check must be made before one is allowed to register for membership, events or seminars.