Yong Jin Jung (Subject to appeal / not yet final), Criminal Disposition - Involving a Minor)
Sebastian Choi (Interim measure: suspended pending resolution of criminal complaint 1/9/18)
Gale Murphy (Interim measure:  Suspension 12/17/18)
Gelani Murphy (Interim measure:  Suspension 12/17/18)
Andrew Suh (Interim measure: Suspension 11/29/18)
Scott Meyer (date of permanent ineligibility 8/7/18
Jesse Amacher 
(temporarily suspended pending further proceedings 6/11/18)
Manuel Gomez Gildo (date of permanent ineligibility 5/2/18 - Criminal Disposition - involving minor)
Daniel Kim (Hawaii) (ineligible for membership 4/25/18)
Joseph Salim (date of permanent ineligibility 7/30/18)
Luis Gonzalez (date of ten year suspension 2/14/18)
Fred Estrada (date of permanent suspension 2/14/18)
Javier Duque (date of permanent ineligibity 1/24/18)
Glenn Lainfiesta (ineligible for membership 4/18/17)
Robert Morrison (date of suspension 8/29/16)
Peter Lopez (date of five year suspension 7/25/16)
Stephen Dring (date of suspension 1/12/16)
James Null (date of suspension 12/10/15)
Joseph L. Fox (date of suspension 10/26/15)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (added 9/30/15)
Marc Gitelman (date of suspension 9/10/15)
William Schellinger (suspended 10/24/2014)
Richard Perry (suspended 1/7/2015)
Gerald Murphy (date of suspension 4/3/14)
Peter Kim (date of suspension 6/28/13)
Thomas Hardin (date of suspension 6/17/13)
Young Jin Shim (date of suspension 5/31/12)
Queen Phan Le (date of suspension 5/25/12)
Raul Alberto Gutierrez, Jr. (date of indefinite suspension 8/18/11)
Charles ‘Arnell’ Smith (date of suspension 8/15/10)

Mike Song (Three-year year probation until January 3, 2023)
Talina Le 
(18 Month USADA suspension based on positive test for prohibited substance - effective 3/27/19 - posted on 7/8/19. For details click HERE)
Steven Lopez (Special Restrictions 2/24/19)
Jean Lopez (Special Restrictions 2/24/19)