The U.S. National Rankings, sponsored by Tusah are now live! Navigate the different divisions using the links on the left on a computer or tablet, or at the top on a mobile device.

Please note that due to limitations of the current site this may not render properly on a cell phone, but will work perfectly on a laptop or tablet - this is only a temporary site for the viewing of rankings as we are working on a smartphone app that will make everything look fantastic, as well as be searchable by athlete, region, coach, club etc! We're really excited to bring that to you in around 4-6 weeks!

In the meantime, take a look and see where you rank!

Results will be updated frequently as they come in from State Championships and around the world, so check back regularly to see your progress, and make sure to keep an eye on the event calendar to see which events you can make it to and improve your points total and ranking!

If you see an errors, or wish to add your coach or your club to your athlete listing please email - remember to include your name, USATKD number and/or GAL number, division(s) and the information you wish to add or correct. 

To see the latest raw data spreadsheet and see how your points were calculated and from which events click here.

To read the National Rankings Bylaws click here.