USA Taekwondo is a non-profit organization that exists to further the development of the sport of Taekwondo within the United States and to support athletes as they strive for greatness and to reach their peak performance, at whatever level that may be, from Olympic Champions through to grassroots club level members.

Donations are vital to the achievement of our goals, and your contribution will make a real difference and help us to help the athletes, clubs and coaches out in the field as they do incredible work in their communities and bring glory to the sport on the mat.

We know that times are hard and money is tight for many and every donation, large or small, is truly appreciated and guaranteed to be put to use furthering the cause of Taekwondo in America.

With your help, and working together we can ensure that taekwondo not only survives, but thrives in this country – and we can all agree that is a cause worth supporting!

Whether you can afford to give five dollars, five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars we thank you and promise that your money will be put to the very best use.

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting taekwondo in the United States – it really does make a significant difference, and shortly we’ll be publishing success stories on this page, so remember to check back regularly to see how your valuable donations are being put to good use.

We’ll also be providing useful resources such as fundraising ideas and support materials, including downloadable sponsorship forms to help those of you who would like to raise funds in ways other than just donations!

As recognition for all donors we will shortly begin to  thank everyone who contributes on the website – if you would prefer your gift to remain anonymous please email us by clicking HERE and we will ensure that your name remains anonymous.