USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo is a non profit Olympic governing body, which aims to produce world class athletes for Team USA with the ultimate goal of standing on the medal podium at an Olympic Games.

We are looking to raise funds to provide more support to our athletes striving to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (which has been postponed to July 2021), World Taekwondo Championships, Pan Am Championships, and beyond. This campaign aims to use the sports increased profile during an Olympiad to ensure we can give our future athletes a chance to be as great as our current ones.

The pipeline of Team USA eligible Taekwondo athletes is exciting and strong, and the future of the sport looks bright with new programs such at The Academy Program which includes Talent I.D., Phase II, and Academy Camps. With our support and your donations we can work together to give these young athletes the best possible chance to Compete in high profile world Taekwondo Events, such as World Championships, Grand Prix, Pan AM Championships, and the opportunity to live their Olympic dream.

We thank you for your support, appreciate every dollar you can give in support and promise to use the funds responsibly and only for the purpose for which they were given. #Dominatein28


Every dollar raised is guaranteed only to be used for the purpose stated.