USA Taekwondo Announces 2016 National Coaching Pool

April 21, 2016, 1:57 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo is excited to announce the new National Coaching Pool for 2016 following assessment of applications by High Performance Staff and the Coaching Advisory Council. 

This revised process was implemented following in-depth feedback from coaches, and will provide coaches with the opportunity to succeed and grow across all groups within the Taekwondo division structure.

We would like to congratulate all the successful coaches and thank everyone for their applications. We look forward to working with you all in the future to develop the next generation of Olympians.

Coaches have been selected to participate in Senior, Junior, Cadet, Para-TKD, Development Camps, Seminar instructors and special projects areas. 

You can see the list of successful applicants in each category below, listed in alphabetical order. Also below you will find the current schedule of events on the calendar. Coaches for each event will be selected from each appropriate pool, with the selections being made under advisement from the independent coach advisory council. 

On occasion a coach from a different pool may be selected to participate in an event if it if felt that this will aid his or her development.

If you feel you applied for a category you believe you were qualified for but not chosen you may email and we will endeavor to explain, where possible, the reason why. 

Please note that USA Taekwondo reserves the right to amend or add to the coaching pool at any time.

 David Bartlett  Christina Bayley   Daniel Chuang
 Gary Galloway  Eric Lauren  Lynda Lauren
 Eui Lee  Arlene Limas  Jean Lopez
 Brian McCutcheon   Juan Moreno  Sherman Nelson
 Jason Poos  Luis Reyes  Steve Rosbarsky
 Joseph Salim  Brian Singer  Scott Snow
 Mike Song  Fabio Takahashi  Gregg Tubbs

 Christina Bayley  Sang Cha  Nigel Chong
 Ken Church  Fred Estrada  Gary Galloway
 Gianni Giambi  Edward Givens   Adriana Gonzales
 Dennis Kim  Arlene Limas  Andreea Kovacs
 Eric Laurin  Lynda Laurin  Dong Lee
 Eui Lee  Jean Lopez  Brian McCutcheon
 Alvaro Mendez  Juan Moreno  Sherman Nelson
 Toby Oliver  Jason Poos  Sean Ramey
 Luis Reyes  Joseph Salim  Scott Snow
 Mike Song
 Andrew Suh
 Fabio Takahashi
 Greg Tubbs
 Walter Vargas
 Seth Wilson

 Christina Bayley  Sang Cha  Nigel Chong
 Ken Church  Henry Cruz  Fred Estrada
 Russell Gale  Gary Galloway  Adriana Gonzales 
 Dennis Kim  Andreea Kovacs  Lynda Laurin
 Dong Lee  Eui Lee  Arlene Limas
 Jean Lopez  Brian McCutcheon   Juan Moreno
 Sherman Nelson   Luis Reyes  Krasimir Rusev
 Joseph Salim  Gergely Salim  Scott Snow
 Andrew Suh  Fabio Takahashi
 Timothy Tocco
 Greg Tubbs
 Walter Vargas
 Dennis White

 David Bartlett  Johnny Birch  Brad DeMinck
 Corbin Stacey  Keith Young  

 Ken Church  Brad DeMinck  Fred Estrada
 Adriana Gonzales   Andreea Kovacs  Eric Laurin
 Russell Gale  Edward Givens  Dong Lee
 Toby Oliver
 LaShondra Rawls
 Steve Rosbarsky
 Krasimir Rusev
 Lisethe Salcido
 Joseph Salim
 Brian Singer
 Mike Song
 Andrew Suh
 Walter Vargas 
 Jeffrey Williams
 Seth Wilson

 Russell Gale  Edward Givens
 David Keller
 Alvaro Mendez
 Jason Poos
 Lisethe Salcido
 Corbin Stacey
 Seth Wilson

 Stephen Decker  Justin Faiferlick   Dennis Kim
 Corbin Stacey  Timothy Tocco  Keith Young

 JUNE 2016      
 Athlete Development Camp   Olympic Training Center   4  Camp Coaches
 CIDP Level 2  Olympic Training Center  1  Seminar Coach
 PATU Championship  Queretaro, Mexico  4  Olympic Coaches
 PATU Open  Queretaro, Mexico  5  Personal Coaches
 JULY 2016      
 Shining Stars Camp  Olympic Training Center  5  Camp Coaches
 USA Taekwondo Nationals  Richmond, VA  N/A  Personal Coaches
 Level 1 Coach Seminar  Richmond, VA  2  Seminar Coaches
 AUGUST 2016      
 Athlete Development Camp (Incl. Para)  Olympic Training Center  8  Camp & Para Coaches 
 Level 2 Coach Seminar  Olympic Training Center  2  Seminar Coaches
 OCTOBER 2016      
 Athlete Development Camp (Incl. Para)  Olympic Training Center  8  Camp & Para Coaches
 ULTRA Camp  Olympic Training Center  5  Camp Coaches
 NOVEMBER 2016      
 President's Cup  TBD  N/A  Personal Coaches
 Junior World Championships  Canada  8  Junior Coaches
 World Poomsae Championships  Peru  4  Poomsae Team Coaches 
 DECEMBER 2016      
 WTF Grand Prix Finals  Mexico  N/A  Personal Coaches