2021 Online U.S. Open Poomsae Championships

USATKD announced the first event in 2021 which is the online U.S. Open Poomsae Championships. The U.S. Open is sanctioned at the U.S. 12.0 level AND is also the first ever USATKD international online event. In addition, the U.S. Open Poomsae Championships will be the second Major Tournament under the Poomsae Pathwaysoffering not only big points in the rankings, but also a chance to claim a spot in the 2021 National Team Tournament, with the winners taking a giant step towards being the next Poomsae USA National Team Member! 


The event is open to all Black and Color Belt Individual Poomsae athletes in the Para, Dragon, Tiger, Youth, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Master divisions. The first round of the tournament will be seeded based on the current rankings in the U.S. National Poomsae Rankings. International athletes will enter unseeded.


The U.S. Open will feature the same high quality production as the Summer of Poomsae and Poomsae Grand slam, with competition, play by play commentary, interviews and on-screen graphics providing a TV style broadcast that was enjoyed by tens of thousands of viewers, giving poomsae athletes the opportunity to be showcased on USATKD platforms to viewers around the world, alongside furthering their National Team dreams. 


The competition will begin with the senior and master athletes, where they will be featured in high quality broadcasted episodes - the first episode for senior and master divisions will air on March 15. Following the Senior and master's will be the cadet and juniors - the first episode for both of the divisions will air on March 29. Ending the U.S. Open Poomsae Championships will be the Para, Dragon, Tiger, Youth Poomsae athletes - their first episode will air on April 12.


Registration IS OPEN NOW and the event is open to USATKD members, non-members & international athletes with USA Taekwondo members receiving a significant discount on registration fees. To mark the occasion of the Online U.S. Open Poomsae Championships we have designed an exclusive t-shirt that will be available at registration for purchase.


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Updates regarding the Online Poomsae U.S. Open Championships will be posted on this page.


USA Taekwondo is pleased to announce the addition of the Over 70 Individual division to the 2021 Online Poomsae US Open Championships. 


World Taekwondo recently announced the Online 2021 World Taekwondo Poomsae Open Challenge where there will be an open division contested for individuals over 70 years of age. 


The Over 70 division at the US Open will be a non-team qualifying event, but this division will be awarded points. Points earned in this division will only be considered when there is a national team event officially recognized by World Taekwondo. 


All athletes who are eligible to compete in the Over 70 division, who wish to make the US Team, must also compete in the Over 65 division to earn points and be considered for the national team. Points in these divisions will be kept as separate totals.


The Over 70 competition will be aired in the final session. See below for a list of important dates: 


Over 70 Individual Division 




March 14

Registration Deadline

11:59PM Mountain Time

March 15

Designated Poomsae Posted

12:00PM Mountain Time

March 21

Video Submission Due

11:59PM Mountain Time

April 12

Broadcast Begins*


*Broadcast date listed is the estimated start for each session. A detailed broadcast schedule will be posted before the start of each broadcast date.


For those who have already registered for Over 65, you must register and pay the additional $25 division fee for Over 70. 


In the Event Packet you will find all the event information and the video submission requirements. 

Click here to download the Event Packet. 

Important Information:

  • The Tusah Poomsae Rankings will be used to seed athletes in the individual divisions for the first round of competition.
  • Athletes cannot perform the freestyle poomsae divisions on spring loaded floors/mats. Using spring loaded floors/mats in the freestyle divisions will result in disqualification.   
  • Videos labeled wrong or incorrect form order will receive a 0.3 deduction.  
  • Athletes must stay in the video frame and keep the video recording during the 30 second break between each poomsae form. Leaving the video frame or stopping and starting the video during the 30 second break will receive a 0.3 deduction.   
  • Designated Poomsae will be posted by 12 p.m. MT the day after registration ends. Athletes will only need to submit the videos for their division’s posted designated poomsae
  • If a division has 8 or less athletes, there will only be a Finals Round
  • Five Referees will be used for scoring

Click here for Session 1 Designated Poomsae.

*Due to the recent weather and power outages across the US, the registration deadline has been extended through 11:59 p.m. MT, Thursday, February 18.  

Athletes will be notified by 12 p.m. MT, Friday, February 19 if a round must be added to their division.  Video submissions will now be due by 5 p.m., Tuesday, February 23.


Click here for Session 1 Competitor List.  (updated 2/19/2021)


Episode 1 Scores

Episode 2 Scores

Episode 3 Scores

Episode 4 Scores

Episdoe 5 Scores

Episode 6 Scores

Designated Poomsae, Participants & Results will be posted here.

Click here for Session 2 Designated Poomsae.  

Click here for Session 2 Competitor List.  

Streaming Flight Information 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episodes 3 and 4

Episodes 5 - 7

Cadet Finals

Junior Finals

Freestyle Finals Updated


Designated Poomsae, Participants & Results will be posted here.

Click here for Session 3 Designated Poomsae

Click here for Session 3 Competitor List 


Dragon Results

Tiger Results

Youth Results

Para & Over 70 Results

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