USATKD is thrilled to announce the National Fiesta Challenge, being held in conjunction with the U.S. National Taekwondo Championships at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The Challenge is 10.0 rated, so another huge Ranking Point opportunity AND the gold medalist in each division will earn an invitation to compete in the prestigious U.S. Grand Prix Final later in the year! 


Taking it’s name inspiration from the world famous Fiesta event in San Antonio, now EVERYONE can get the full Nationals experience - compete in an amazing venue and take part in a competition run just like a World Taekwondo event, earn ranking points and get the chance to go to the show later in the year at the U.S. Grand Prix, all while having a safe place to play, whatever level of development you are at in your TKD career.


And finally, the Challenge is an officially sanctioned Team USA Talent ID event - with the winners joining their own Regional Academy, and stand out performers being scouted by Academy coaches for future financial and athletic support.

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San Antonio FAQ - National Championships & Fiesta Challenge


Any time something new comes along there are questions, so we’re here with the answers to the ones we’ve heard most often so far....


1. Why are you doing this?


Two reasons - one, not everyone felt comfortable travelling/competing in June due to covid, and we know how important the National Championships is to everyone, and especially this one in the stunning surroundings of the Alamodome, so we wanted to accommodate those people too.


Secondly, the standard of the elite athletes in the U.S. is now so high that not everyone is comfortable fighting at such a high level - the National Fiesta Challenge is an opportunity to get the full Nationals experience - and valuable ring time - for athletes earlier in their development, without the risk of a potentially dangerous mismatch. And an opportunity for coaches to let more athletes compete - bringing both high level and developing athletes - and parents to let their kids compete and see if tournaments are for them, in a safe place.


We will be doing more events for athletes who are still developing in the future as we develop our ‘grassroots’ programming to raise the standard across the United States.


2. I’m a coach, and I saw people say I have to pay twice to coach in both events, is this true?


No, that’s not true - one coaching pass for both events.


3. But Sport:80 doesn’t stop me paying for both?


That’s true, and we’ve asked the developers to work on that. If anyone mistakenly pays twice we will refund them.


4. What do I get from the National Fiesta Challenge compared to the Grand Prix Series?


Grand Prix Series:

14.0 Ranking Points

All competitors qualify for the 16.0 National Championships

All medalists qualify for the 20.0 Grand Prix Final

All medalists qualify for their corresponding Regional Athlete Academy


National Fiesta Challenge:

10.0 Ranking points

Gold medalist only is invited to the 20.0 Grand Prix Final

Gold medalists qualify for their corresponding Regional Athlete Academy


5. What is the eligibility criteria to compete at the Fiesta Challenge? 


The Challenge is open to any athlete who is not competing in the National Championships. There is no qualification requirement. 


6. Can I compete in both events and get massive points?


Athletes are not allowed to compete in both, due to the Rankings rules on not competing in multiple events in a short period of time. We realize there are athletes who may have qualified for poomsae at the National Championships who may wish to compete in sparring in the National Fiesta Challenge, rather than take on the best in the country in the National Championships - this is something we will consider for the future, should events be run concurrently again.


7. If I competed at a Grand Prix Series, can I still compete in the Fiesta?


If you competed at the Grand Prix Series, but would prefer to compete in the Fiesta Challenge instead of the National Championships you can absolutely do so. You will NOT be allowed to compete in both though.


8. Am I only allowed to compete in the divisions I competed in the GP Series or can I compete in any division? 


No, if you competed in the Grand Prix Series in any division you can register in any division at the National Championships, in any discipline. The Fiesta Challenge has no qualification requirement so you can register in anything you like.


9. Is the schedule for the Fiesta Challenge and National Championships the same? What will the athlete experience be like with two concurrently running events? 


The divisions will run on the same days. We will run the Fiesta Challenge Divisions first, and the National Championship Divisions later.


10. Is this just to make money?


This is a strange question, but we have seen it so we will answer. Firstly, attendance is optional. Secondly, it will be a quality event, so we are providing a product that people can choose to buy if they wish to do so. Thirdly, unlike in other countries, NGBs in the United States are not government funded and are required to put on events to raise funds to support athletes - and we are committed to, and have proven, that we are investing in athletes in record amounts. That is our reason to exist, so that we can fund athletes, programs and services. 


The more money we make, the more money we invest in U.S. Taekwondo athletes - money is not diverted to other sports, or to shareholder dividends as in other organizations - it is reinvested back into OUR sport in our country, and we are audited multiple times each year to ensure we are doing just that.

All coaches who bring 10 athletes to the National Fiesta Challenge will receive one (1) free coaching pass. The coaching pass will make you eligible to coach at both National Championships & the Fiesta Challenge! 

To receive your free coaching pass, email Eric Wininger your list of registered athletes (10 or more). Click here to send your email. 

Please note: (1) free coaching pass per 10 athletes. If a coach brings 20 athletes they will receive (2) free coaching passes and so on. This special is ONLY for the National Fiesta Challenge.

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