The mission of the CIDP is to develop USAT coaches at all levels through education, standardization and professionalization within a comprehensive coaching program in the pursuit of sustained competitive excellence.  This goal is in alignment with USAT’s overall mission of sustained competitive excellence.


The goal of the CIDP is to utilize the best systems for training coaches to become better teachers.  This goal is achieved by providing standardized technical content and sharing best practices to better train athletes who are striving to attain optimal athletic performance in events. 

The established CIDP objectives are to:

  • Develop a program of the highest standard which is recognized as the premier coaching development program for the sport of Taekwondo;
  • Develop coaches with the strongest moral and ethical character, knowledge and coaching ability;
  • Create national standards of abilities, teachings and conduct which result in athletes who are coachable at national team levels;
  • Teach coaches to teach students, to turn students into athletes;
  • Create coaches whose philosophies are consistent with USAT National team coaches;
  • Identify coaches and provide a conduit to coach at the highest level;
  • Create depth in the coaching pool in the U.S. and Nationalize and brand the USAT CIDP coaching philosophy.