Name: Tatiana Francischetti
Height: 5-6
DOB: 6/7/1994
Birthplace: Colorado Springs
Hometown: Brentwood
High School: Heritage H.S. (Brentwood, Calif.)
Other Career Highlights
  • Pre-Competition Meal: IHOP crispy chicken ceasar salad ("YUMMMM!")
  • MAJOR COMPETITION RESULTS ;2011: USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Heavy): 3rd
  • 2011: USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE
  • 2011: USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Sr. Middle): GOLD
  • 2011: USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE
  • 2011: U.S. Open (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE
  • 2010: USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Lt. Heavy): GOLD
  • 2010: USAT Fresno National Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Heavy): GOLD
  • 2009: USAT U.S. Open: BRONZE
  • 2008: USAT Junior Olympics (14-17 Red Belt): GOLD
Personal: Favorite Foods: mango, quesadilla, Brazilian, stroganoff, yougurt and granola, grits (butter and brown sugar kind), and sushi...Favorite Athlete: her brother...Favorite Movie: "The Notebook"...Favorite Music: hip hop and mostly everything...Favorite Quote: "There is no failure except in no longer trying"...Hobbies: shopping, texting, Facebooking, singing, basketball and movies