Nickname: "T"
Height: 5-2
Weight: 92 pounds
Birthplace: Tacoma, Wash.
Coaches: Tuoi Le/Juan Moreno
Dojang: Tuoi's TKD Center

Hobbies include soccer, drawing, Halo 2, shopping and hanging out with friends and family...her father, Tuoi Le, played soccer for Tacoma Community College and Western Washington University. He also played for a semi-pro soccer team in Tacoma, and was a national-level Taekwondo competitor...her favorite foods are Vietnamese, spaghetti, pizza, steak and coffee ice cream...before a competition she prefers scrambled eggs, pancakes and sometimes oatmeal...favorite athlete is David Beckham...favorite movies are Benchwarmers, Step Up, She's the Man and Accepted...listens to hip hop and R&B.

Did You Know?: Talina has played soccer and practiced Taekwondo since the age of 3. 

Competition Record:

U.S. Senior National Team Trials (Fin): 2nd

2011  USAT National Team Trials (Fin): 3rd

USAT Daytona Beach National Qualifier (Jr. Feather): GOLD
Junior World Team Trials (Jr. Bantam): 3rd

2009  Junior World Championships Team Trials Open Qualifier (Jr. Bantam): 1st
2009  Youth Olympic Games Team Trials (44-49kg): T-2nd
2009  World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): First Round
2009  U.S. National Team Member (Fin)
National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2009  National Team Qualifier (Fin): 2nd

2008  U.S. Junior National Team Member (Jr. Fly)
Junior Olympics (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2008  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): SILVER
2008  World Jr. Championships (Jr. Fin): Round of 16
2008  Des Moines National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): BRONZE
2008  Junior Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 1st
2008  U.S. Open (14-17 Fin): GOLD
2008  World Jr. Championships Open (Jr. Fin): 2nd

2007  U.S. Junior National Team Member (Jr. Fin)
Pan Am Jr. Championships (Jr. Fin): GOLD
2007  Junior Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 1st
2007  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): BRONZE
2007  Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin): BRONZE
2007  U.S. Open (Fin): Quarterfinalist
2007  U.S. Open (Jr. Fin): BRONZE

2006  Junior Olympics (12-13): GOLD
2006  U.S. Open (12-13): GOLD

2005  Junior Olympics (12-13): GOLD
2005  U.S. Open (12-13): SILVER

2004  Junior Olympics (10-11): BRONZE

2003  Junior Olympics (10-11): Quarterfinalist

last updated 5/2/16