Nicknames: "Red"
Height: 6-2
Weight: 175
Coach: Brian Singer
Dojang: World Taekwondo Center

WTF World Ranking on 4/16/15: 23rd (-74kg); 38th (Olympic -80kg)

Hobbies: riding his fixie and teaching taekwondo

Family: his father, Tim Curry, was ranked third in California in track & field

Favorite Foods: asada burritos, pho and anything with steak

Pre-Competition Meal: whatever he can get his hands on

Favorite Athletes: Jun Chul Yun and Michael Jordan

Favorite Movie: "The Matrix"

Favorite Music: Cloud 10, Kanye West, and Wale

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Brazil

Did You Know?: TJ's mother, father and sister are also black belts in taekwondo.

Quotable TJ Curry: "Determination is intriguing; one day you want something and with determination, before you know it you got it. I believe you can do whatever you want. You just need to go out and do it. There's nothing out there that can keep you from reaching greatness except yourself."


2015  WTF World Championships (-74kg): Round of 16
              -def. Francesco Seynghyun Maiani (SMR), 16-2, in Round of 64
              -def. Funing Liu (CHN), 9-9 SUP, in Round of 32
              -lost to Julio Ferreira (POR), 12-8, in Round of 16
2015  Pan Am Games Team Trials (-80kg): 2nd

2012  Olympic Trials - Phase 7 (-80kg): 1st

2011  Pan Am Games (Welter -80kg): Quarterfinals
              -def. Douglas Marcelino (BRA), 8-5, in Round of 16
              -lost to Uriel Avigdor Adriano (MEX), 20-13, in Quarterfinals
2011  Pam Am Games Team Member (Light/Welter)
  Pan Am Games Qualifier (Light/Welter): Qualified
              -def. David Rajjab (GUY) by bowout
              -def. Wilken Heredia Prensa (DOM) 7-6
2011  U.S. National Team Trials (Light): 2nd

2010  2012 Olympic Team Trials 1 (Light/Welter): 2nd
2010  Pan Am Games Team Trials (Light/Welter): 1st
2010  USAT National Championships (Light): GOLD
2010  USAT National Qualifier: GOLD
2010  International Taekwondo Festival: GOLD

2009  Jimmy Kim International: GOLD

2003  Junior National Team Member
  Junior Pan Am Championships: BRONZE


last updated 4/16/15