Nickname: Soweezy, So,Slim
Height: 6-0
Weight: 155 lbs.
Current Coach: Han Kim, Juan Moreno
Current TKD Dojang: US TKD College, Peak Performance Miami
High School Attended: Chantilly High School '14
Year Started Taekwondo: 2001

Facebook: Sohwon Kim
Instagram: @sohwonkim

Hobbies: Hanging with friends, playing sports, Xbox, EATING
Something Unique Others May Not Know About You: Born two months premature; weighed three pounds at birth.
Favorite Foods: Pho, Korean BBQ, Mexican, and Sprite
Favorite Athlete: Andre Ward and his teammates
Favorite Movies: "Armageddon" "Olympus Has Fallen"
Favorite Singers: Trey Songz, Tory Lanez
Biggest Inspiration: His father
Favorite TV Shows: "Boondocks" and The Food Channel
Favorite Quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela
Proudest Moment in Taekwondo: Making his first Junior National team together with his brother in 2012

2016  U.S. Senior National Team Member (-63kg)
World Taekwondo Team Championships (Mixed Gender Team): BRONZE
2016  USA Senior National Team Trials (-63kg) - 1st
2016  Pan Am Championship - Quarterfinals
2016  Canada Open (-74kg): BRONZE

2015  World Cup Team Championships Team Member
2015  Pan American University Championships (-87kg): SILVER

2014  Cali, Colombia Open (bantam): BRONZE

2013  USAT National Championships (Sr. Fly): GOLD
Pan American Open Championship: BRONZE

2012  USA Taekwondo Jr. National Team Member (Feather)
2012  USAT National Championships (Jr. Feather): GOLD
2012  U.S. Cup Championship (Jr. Light): GOLD
2012  USAT Eastern Regional Qualifier (Jr. Feather): GOLD
2012  US Open taekwondo Championships (Jr. Feather): Quarterfinals
2012  Maryland State championship (Jr. Feather): SILVER
2012  Jr. World Open team trials (Jr. Feather): Quarterfinals

2011  USAT Jr. National team fight-offs (Pan Ams) Jr. Fly 2nd “B team”
2011  USAT National Championship (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2011  USAT Buffalo National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2011  New York State championship (Jr. Fly): GOLD

2010  USAT National Championship (Jr. Fin): Quarterfinals
2010  USAT York National Qualifier (Jr. Fin): GOLD

2009  Jr. World Open team trials (Jr. Fin): Quarterfinals
2009  ATU National Championship 12-13 Light: GOLD
2009  USAT VA State Championship 12-13: SILVER

last updated 12/14/2016