Name: Ryan Arcaina
Height: 5-10
Weight: 146
DOB: 6/25/1994
Birthplace: Walnut Creek
Hometown: Brentwood
High School: Liberty H.S.
Other Career Highlights
  • Pre-Competition Meal: pasta with alfredo sauce
  • MAJOR COMPETITION RESULTS 2011: Jr. Pan Am Championships (Jr. Middle): GOLD
  • 2011: USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Middle): 1st
  • 2011: USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Middle): BRONZE
  • 2011: USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Jr. Middle): GOLD
  • 2010: Junior World Championships (Lt. Middle): Round of 32
  • 2010: Junior World Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Middle): 1st
  • 2009: World Junior Championships Open Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Middle): 3rd
  • 2008: USAT Junior Olympics (sparring): SILVER
  • 2006: USAT Junior Olympics (forms): GOLD
  • 2006: USAT Junior Olympics (sparring): GOLD
Personal: Favorite Foods: pizza and Chinese food...Favorite Athlete: Patrick Willis...Favorite Movies: "...Favorite Music: rap and RandB...Hobbies: playing football and basketball, watching movies and hanging out with friends