Nicknames: Philly Flash, Beast, J-Duckie, Pillup
Height: 6-0
205 lbs.
Birthplace: Oakland, Calif.
Residence: Stockton, Calif.
High School: 
Diamond Bar H.S. '06 
College: University of the Pacific
Year of Graduation: 2012
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Coaches: Brian Singer
Dojang: World Taekwondo Center/YIC Taekwondo Center

WTF World Ranking on 8/17/15: 37th (World +87kg); 46th (Olympic +80kg)

Hobbies: eating, training and watching movies

Family: brother Jae Yun was born in Japan and is also a taekwondo competitor but cannot compete in the USAT events since he does not have U.S. citizenship

Favorite Foods: fried chicken, kimchi, pork belly, steak and onions

Pre-Competition Meal: Chicken, rice and veggies

Favorite Athletes: Hadi Saei Bonehkohal and Kobe Bryant

Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Whiplash, Life of Pi, Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Music: Eric Clapton, Earth Wind and Fire

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Netherlands

Did You Know? Phillip has lived in Korea for about 10 years and can speak Korean very fluently...he is currently the president of the Taekwondo Sparring Club at his university...he drives 3.5 hours round trip to train.


2015 Pan American Games (+80kg): BRONZE
         -def. Kenneth Edwards (JAM), 7-0, in Round of 16
         -lost to Rafael Alba (CUB), 15-3, in quarterfinals
         -def. Martin Sio (ARG), 9-2, in bronze medal contest
2015  WTF World Taekwondo Championships (-87kg): Round of 32
           -def. Noureddine Ziani (MAR), 8-7, in Round of 64
           -lost to Yassine Trabelsi (TUN), 9-8, in Round of 32
2015 National Team Trials Las Vegas (Middle) 1st

2014 Costa Rica Open Costa Rica (Heavy) 3rd

2014 Mexico Open Mexico (Heavy) 2nd (Withdrawal in finals due to injury)

2014 Korea Open Champion Gwangju, Korea (Heavy) (non-Korean Division) 1st

2014 USA National Championships California (Heavy) 1st

2014 National Team Trials Colorado (Heavy) 2nd

2013 Canada Open Canada (Heavy) 2nd

2013 SportAccord Combat Games Russia (Welter) 2nd

2013 Russia Open Russia (Heavy) Quarter Finals

2013 Pan Am Open Mexico (Heavy) 3rd

2013 Taipei Open Taiwan (Heavy) 1st

2013 National Collegiate Championships Colorado (Heavy) 1st

2013 Canada Open Canada (Heavy) 2nd

2013 National Team Trials Colorado (Heavy) 3rd

2013 National Collegiate Championships Massachusetts (Welter) 1st

2012 World University Championships Korea (Welter) Quarter Finals

2012  Olympic Trials - Phase 7 (-80kg): 4th

2011  Olympic Test Event (-80kg): 7th

          -lost to Ramin Azizov (AZE), 13-6
          -lost to Alberto Celestrin (GER), 10-7
USAT National Championships (Welter): SILVER
2011  World University Games Team Member (Welter)
National Collegiate Championships (Welter): GOLD
USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Welter): GOLD
U.S. National Team Trials (Welter): 2nd

2012 Olympic Team Trials 1 (Light/Welter): 5th
2011 Pan Am Games Team Trials (Light/Welter): 3rd
USAT National Championships (welter): GOLD
2010  USAT Fresno National Qualifier (welter): GOLD
2010  Collegiate National Championships (welter): SILVER
2010  International Taekwondo Festival: Team YIC (welter/middle): BRONZE

2009  USAT National Championships (welter): BRONZE
2009  Korean American Olympics (middle): GOLD
2009  USAT San Jose National Qualifier (welter): GOLD
2009  ATU National Championships (welter/middle): GOLD
2009  International Taekwondo Festival: Team YIC (welter/middle): BRONZE

2008  International Taekwondo Festival: Team YIC (welter/middle): 4th
2008  U.S.A. Open Elite Tae Kwon Do Championship (light): GOLD
2008  California State Championship (light): GOLD

2007  Korean American Olympics (light): GOLD
2007  California State Championships (light): GOLD
2007  Bay Area Open - Grand Champion (senior male)
2007  USAT National Championships (Elite Division light): GOLD

2006  USAT Anaheim National Qualifier (light): BRONZE

last updated 8/17/15